A Better Smile Dentistry



From teeth whitening to a full dental makeover, Dr. Li Bao utilizes today’s latest technology to give you the smile of your dreams by wedding day.

As each year passes, our enamel wears down, allowing the yellow dentin at the core of our teeth to show through. This is what gives our teeth a yellowish tint. Teeth whitening helps restore teeth to a shiny white color.

Whether you want a significant color change in about an hour, or prefer a take-home option a few weeks before your big day, Dr. Bao’s friendly staff ensures your visit will be affordable and comfortable.

If your teeth are teeth are crooked, misshapen or have spaces between them, veneers may give you the smile you’re looking for.

These thin composite or porcelain shells are custom-made to cover the front surface of one or several teeth. The whole process is usually covered in just two office visits.


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