About Us

Do you remember the feeling when you realized just how compatible you and your fiancé had become? The search was finally over. “You really are made for each other,” your friends said.

Call me crazy, but I feel the same way about my wedding shows. No, I’m not saying I love my job like my husband and children, but my career search is over. My friends tell me, “You are made for this business.”

our family 

our family 

Since 2009, we now produce the three largest wedding shows in NM. And the honeymoon’s not even close to over. Why? I get to connect businesses I love with some very in-love couples.

Just like your soon-to-be marriage relationship, my association with the exhibitors is built on trust and a lot of honest communication. Throw passion into that mix and, well, you already know it’s not always easy. But it is worth the effort.

I get to know every one of the businesses at our shows for good reason: we’re all in this together. It’s a lot easier to give and receive advice from someone you know. When ideas and suggestions flow both ways, it keeps you the bride at the top of our priority list.

So, we’re always interested in knowing what you think, whether it’s about the exceptional courtesy of a DJ, the overly aggressive sales tactic of a photographer, or a fashion show that’s entertaining, but shows nothing in your size and body shape.

If you’ve already signed up as a bride with us, welcome to the family. We may have our dysfunctional moments, but I think you’ll see weeks before the show what it means to be an Expo bride. Our goal is to prepare you long before the gates open. If you want, you really can use the day of the show for one-stop shopping.

If this website, accompanying blog and our publication don’t address all of your questions, then email (stacy@WeddingGuideNM.com), call (505-856-0426) or even ask me out for coffee. I might make you buy, but I’ll offer advice better than your sister or mother till your cup grows cold.

Speaking of family, that’s what runs our Wedding Expos. My husband, Scott, coordinates the front gate; my three daughters show off dresses on the fashion runway with dozens of other models; and I take care of the rest, as they say, for better or for worse.

After your vows are exchanged and you settle into your new life together, I hope you’re able to look back to the wedding of your dreams; and that our Expo had the opportunity to play even the smallest part.


Our bottom line:
We connect brides with wedding professionals who offer expert advice in a face-to-face environment. Since our Expos are the largest in the state, that means you see more dresses, more venues, meet more photographers, and can talk to vendors in your price range. But our wedding expos are never too large to keep you from finding what you want. That’s the beauty of face-to-face personal interaction. Sign up to come to our show below!