Santa Fe wedding show FAQs

When should I get to the Expo? We know you're excited but the doors don't open until noon. But don't worry - there are so many vendors with so many samples and prizes, you won't be disappointed even if you get there at 3 p.m. This show's from 12 - 4 p.m. at Buffalo Thunder, outside of Santa Fe.

How much is it to get in? It's free if you register. So bring the whole gang and make a fun day of it!

Do groom's pay? No! Bring anyone you like in with you for free.

How many freebies are there? Most vendors have things they're given out or prizes that you can register to win. You can have dozens of drawings to enter and discounts to use!

Also, bring preprinted labels. There are lots of things to register for and it’ll help speed up that process. And tell the people coming with you to do the same – there are plenty of things they can register for too.

What about businesses contacting me after? We do give out your name and info to the wedding vendors who come to the show so that they can follow up with you after. Some do, most don’t. You’ll get a few phone calls and emails you can opt out of if you’re not interested. If you couldn't come to the Expo, this is a great way to get get offers you might have missed. Also, many send out helpful info so that even if you’re not interested in their business, you might like the info. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Is there anything else going on during the day? We'll have expert with tips for getting married, two fashion shows (at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.), drawings, games, golf, tours, music and fun - oh, and then there's the Expo.

Who should I bring with me? Anyone who's helping you make decisions or whose opinion you want.

What are the times? 12 - 4 p.m. And most of the big prizes are given out after the second fashion show, starting at 3:30 p.m., so take your time in getting there and stay for the whole Expo.

I have a disability. Can I attend the Expo? Absolutely! But to serve you the best way possible, please make requests under the Americans With Disabilities Act 14 days before the show.

Is there anything for my fiancé to do while we're there? Bring him along and he can hang out with you or wander around the Resort & come back so you can show him what you’re thinking about when you've had a chance to go through it all on your own. There’s also golf, gaming and a bar down the way with the game on.

How should I dress? It's up to you - you'll see casual to dressy casual. Come as you like - there's a lot to see and do so be comfortable. But wear comfortable shoes so that you can make it around to all the booths and get to see what all the wedding pros are offering.

Are kids allowed? You bet - this is a family event, after all!

What about same-sex couples? We include everyone! So come to the party!


 How to get there? Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino is located off I-25, 15 minutes north of Santa Fe. From Interstate 25 exit right onto the 599 Northbound Bypass and continue to Highway 84/285 North towards Espanola/Taos. Continue on Highway 84/285 for approximately 12 miles. Take Exit #177 at Buffalo Thunder Road. 

The Expo will be in the conference center of the Buffalo Thunder Resort. The easiest entrance is through the hotel lobby, which is a separate entrance from the casino.

Free parking all around the resort, including on the conference side of the hotel. There is also valet parking and handicapped parking available. Covered parking makes it easy to drop people off. 

If you need assistance with parking or getting into the building, please let us know in advance by emailing us. That way we can make sure we get you whatever help you need. 

The Expo will be in the Pueblo Ballroom at the Buffalo Thunder Resort.

Buffalo Thunder's address is: 30 Buffalo Thunder Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87506 / 877.THUNDER (877.848.6337) Casino Information and reservations 877.455.7775 Toll Free Resort Information /