The Historic Serf Theatre, Las Vegas, NM

Make your own wedding history in this historic event. 

The October 9, 1937, issue of Boxoffice Magazine said that the Graham Brothers Theatre Supply Company of Denver had shipped various items to the new Serf Theatre in Las Vegas, New Mexico. These included 500 seats, 340 yards of carpeting, two blowers and motors, two curtains with tracks and controls, a sound screen, and complete booth equipment.

The Maloof Bros. were apparently the owners of the building, but the house was operated by Fox Intermountain Theatres when it opened, according to the October 23, 1937 issue of Boxoffice.

In its April 15, 1950 issue, Boxoffice said that the Maloof Bros. had closed the Serf Theatre for repairs when it was discovered that the back wall was sagging. Fox Intermountain must have taken this opportunity to expand the theatre, as the November 4, 1950 issue of Boxoffice said that the company had reopened the Serf with 726 seats.

The remodeled lobby featured a wagon wheel chandelier with six brass lanterns, and the walls were decorated with murals depicting the Santa Fe Trail. The Auditorium was painted in shades of aqua and turquoise, and the screen had a turquoise velvet curtain.

The Theatre name was the initials of the children: Sara, Eddie, Richard and Fannie. There was also a Serf hotel nearby that was torn down in the 80’s.

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