Our job: Getting you Business

We believe that it's our job to get you business - whether that's bringing brides to your booth or helping you improve the business itself. Aside from the face-to-face contact with about 2,000 brides a year, here are some other things we do:

You really care about the welfare of your exhibitors. Though many of us are competitors, you do something that makes us all want to get along and place nice for a day. Also, it helps that you have a gillion people attend.
— Marcel Lucero, Convention Services Southwest

• We sponsor nationally known speakers to come in and educate you on marketing, sales and business overall. This year we're proud to announce that we're sponsoring Alan Berg for a Mastermind class. Please email us for more details.

• We schedule vendor training sessions through an outside contractor, Exhib-it, to get you and anyone working with you trained to get the most out of working our show or anyone else's. We want you to be as prepared as possible.

• We host monthly breakfasts just for our vendors so you can network with other businesses. Face it, at our shows you might meet someone at the next booth, but you won't have the time to get to know many other vendors. At our parties, there won't be any brides to sell, so you can work on those relationships.

Your page on our website. Only those exhibiting at our shows or in the Wedding Guide can be on our website. No outside ads. Nobody paying only for a website listing - using the "cheap-and-done approach" to marketing. That keeps our site to a more professional group of vendors. You will have listings that take visitors back to a full page about you - where you can add any information you like ... and as much of it as you like.