4 Ways to Beat the Competition

1. Meet more potential customers. You’ve spent plenty of time, effort & money to bring potential customers to your business? Have you considered taking the business to them? If you’ve got a booth at one of the Wedding Expos, you’re moving in the right direction! For an even more customized experience, consider making “house calls.”

 2. Give those potential customers something your competitors can’t, or won’t. Added value doesn’t have to cost an arm & a leg. Try a gift certificate, an upgrade service or “free” financing. Today’s internet-savvy shoppers can find out in minutes whether your prices are in line your competitors’. What else can you offer to win them over?

 3. Know your target market. For most businesses, it’s bye-bye Boomers; hello Millennials. This demographic is into meaning as much or more than material. Don’t be afraid to show them what makes you tick – why you love what you provide or make or sell. Teach & show when they’re willing to learn & look.

 4. When it comes to advertising & marketing, too many businesses pay too much attention to cost-per viewer, listener or reader. Instead focus on whether you received a Return on Investment. Can you verify making more in sales than you spent on any given marketing or advertising campaign?

It’s all about return on your investment. $3,000 may be a great price if it brings you $7,000 in sales. Conversely, $300 in marketing is too expensive if it brings you $70 in sales.