Does Out of Town Mean Out of Touch?

Do you like purchasing lemonade from the kids next door; buying produce from the farmers’ market; or having lunch at the closest burger joint because your old high school buddy just bought the local franchise?

Most of us feel good when we buy local because it gives us a sense of community. But as just pointed out – the phrase means different things to different people. Fact is there’s almost no such thing as 100% local, nor 100% foreign.

The vegetables from that farmers’ market may have grown in your county, but the field was plowed with a Japanese tractor burning fuel from Canada or the Middle East. A lot of people from around the world got their share of the $3.87 you paid for those apples!

Maybe the best way for us to buy local is to invest in a neighborhood of like-minded businesses. Our customers do! Brides today pay more attention to the choices you offer than your area code. What’s a few hundred miles when free two-day shipping’s thrown in?

That’s much the same philosophy with our Wedding Expos. Attracting exhibitors from the geographic community is important, but so is offering plenty of choices to our brides. More choices mean more brides at the Expo. And more brides mean more potential customers for you.

That’s a win-win. So, let’s hear it for the home team – all of us!