How to pick your wedding shows & what you're paying for

How many places can you meet prospective couples face-to-face. Bridal shows are one of the few remaining ways and are designed to bring clients directly and specifically in to meet you.

The top bridal shows stand out because of two things: they’ve invested in their show marketing to bring a large audience of your potential customers, and the show is set up to allow the vendors to engage easily with the attendees.

When a new show comes into the market, how can you tell if it’s worth your investment of time and money?

There are also a large number of scams targeting our businesses as well. It can range from collecting money for a booth but then never doing a show, to sending out links for you to pay your bill on a fraudulent site, and also selling lists for our show. Please beware that these are out there and are not associated with NM Wed Expos at all. Find out more about this type of scam HERE.

Our basic advice is buyer beware. Before investing in any show, please make sure you’ve read the contract you’re signing.

Sometimes it could be prudent to wait and attend the first show, just to see if it meets the sales explanations. If the show is what you’re looking to add to your marketing program, then sign up for the second show.

Tips to evaluate a new show and how to spot a scam:

1. Ask the venue.
See if the show is actually on the venue’s schedule or published calendar which will indicate that the producers has a signed contract with the venue. If it’s not, chances are it’s not going to happen.

2. Check Google reviews:
• Can you find the show when you search? Check reviews from both attendees, exhibitors and employees.

Great sites to check out:

• Is the show listed on other websites? Other event calendars?

• What about third-party social media from past shows. Look for photos from attendees.

3. Ask Someone Who’s Done a Show With Them.
Exhibitors talk. Why not call a few and get their feedback. If you can’t find a list of exhibitors, ask why.

4. Talk to a Live Person Who Will be at Your Show
Can you reach your show producer? Get all your answers before you sign a contract. Be sure to ask what’s included and what is not.

5. Read ALL of the Contract.
Automatic renewal clauses that lock you into future shows is in some contract.

6. Inflated Attendance Numbers
Ask how they’re verifying their numbers and make sure that it’s not just names on a list. How many brides attended? When you’re at the show, you should be able to know that their not made up numbers.


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