We all might need help some time

We're a small business ... it's just the 2 of us and what if something happened? 

A lot of you are in the same boat. What happens when someone's in the hospital, there's a family emergency or who knows from a laundry list of other things that can get in the way.

I want to start a group where, if something happens, we have backup. Now, just like when at Booth Camp when I say to let us know when you need a break, we'll jump in, I want to do the same thing but in a bigger scale. I want to start a group where if something happens, you have someone who can keep things going. I will never be able to book gigs like you do, but I can certainly return phone calls, check email and keep things going. The last thing you need when things are down is a rumor starting that you're out of business because you haven't gotten back to clients.

I just want everyone to think about this - what they can offer and how willing they'd be to jump in with some time to help.

And, if you need help, call or email - or have someone do it for you. I know there are enough of us out here in the same boat who will keep things going for you.

there are times in business when you need more help for a little while ... or you have help that more hours than you can give. Let's share the resource.

So, say you have employees, but it's the slow time. Or you need people to fill in or someone who speaks Spanish or someone who can help out during a really busy time. 

We also want to start a resource for that. So, if you have a need in the workplace, let me know and I'll try to get it out there. 

I'll post people looking here - not their names, but their skills or how much time they would like to have. Then we can all work together to make small business a little easier.