The Must-Haves of Your Wedding Table

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The setting of your wedding table is one of the things that you have to get right for your wedding. It is a bit more complicated than setting the table for your regular evening dinner. Whether you have hired a wedding planner or not, be sure to check that the following is covered when it comes to your wedding table.

·      First on the list is the linens. Make sure that the linens chosen, go with your wedding theme and the colors for the day. By linen, we mean napkins, table cloths, table runners, etc.

·      Next is to make sure that the plates, cutleries, glasses, and flatware that are available also go with your wedding theme. The venue that you have chosen might have these, but if they do not go with your wedding theme, you have to rent your own.

·      Next, are the place cards, table numbers, and the menus. These will help in keeping your ceremony orderly and stress-free.

·      After checking the place cards and menus, next on your list should be the centerpieces. They are your table’s most important accessories. You can either go the traditional way with flowers or try something creative like Origami. Whatever you do decide should also be in line with your wedding theme.

·      Chairs are the next thing to confirm when it comes to your wedding table. Your guests will need a comfortable place to sit. Make sure the available chairs are comfortable.

·      Your wedding favors can also be a part of your wedding table. It is easier this way and everyone seated gets to go home with one. It is also best to have some extras on hand too. Their packaging should also keep in line with your color theme for the day.

·      Other decorations like candles, vases, and confetti can all add spice to your wedding day. Just be sure not to go overboard.

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What about those wedding party gifts?

Weddings are expensive. You’ve seen that by now, but you don’t want the people who have been there supporting you along the way to feel that they’re not appreciated. So, what about a gift for them? After all, they’ve had to buy a dress or rent a tux, travel to the wedding and probably will get you a great gift too.

Average spending for attendants in the Northeast runs about $100 each, the highest region in the country. But in the Southwest, it’s a more modest $40 each. With that kind of pricing, you can get them a gift that’ll be remembered, more than the cost for them to rent the tux and travel to the wedding will be!

Where do you start? Some gifts are easy with the guys all rooting for the same team or enjoying the same sport. You can do a lot with team colors or cammo, for example. But friends have more diverse likes. There are several websites that’ll give you personalized ideas, such as

Here you can find flasks, weekend bags, toilet kits, knives and shot glasses geared to making an impression. That beats years of tacky gifts that your recipients will never use again and certainly won’t be excited about using.

For more info on the spending habits across the country, check out the map below to see Groomsmen spending in every state

Romantic Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement ring trends

Engagement ring trends

Marriage is an institution that has persisted since time immemorial, but as with anything else in life, marriage is not static. Ancient traditions aren’t as potent in modern marriages anymore. Couples are now trying out new ways to add some flair and personality to their big day: Vibrant, unexpected décor and eclectic wedding dresses are two forerunners in this evolution of wedding celebrations and now, engagement rings are part of the scene too.

There’s now a new crop of ring styles that can make both the couple stand out from the infinite other couples out there; written below are the most romantic engagement ring trends waltzing their way into modern weddings.

·      The Stack Evolves

No more are chunkier rings making waves in the bridal fashion world as stacks of thinner, layered bands have now taken center stage. This design not just look great; it’s also pretty convenient; such rings are certainly less likely to snag on anything. Brides can now make 3, 4 or even 5-band stacks utilizing an impressive array of beautiful, unique and personalized stones.

Even better, this is an aesthetic that is likely to evolve as time progresses, which just means the couple have an opportunity to give new meaning to the rings by adding new stones to them to celebrate an anniversary or mark another milestone in their lives.


·      Warmth and Elegance

You can’t go wrong with colorful gemstones. They are gaining momentum in the world of jewelry and are seeing a new resurgence in the realm of engagement rings. Colorless diamonds don’t make as much of an impact as they used to. They are now being supplanted by refined gemstones.

Couples are well aware of this shift in fine jewelry. They are now incorporating subtle colors like rose, champagne and gray into engagement rings. No one can deny how elegant these gems are but more than that, they also easily complement metals like rose gold. Simply put, these rings not only accentuate your look, but they can downright change it entirely and make your wedding style something to be admired and envied.

We believe getting the perfect engagement ring is one of the first things to herald an equally-perfect wedding, so it’s something you have to get right; no exceptions or excuses. New Mexico Wedding Expos & Guide will be glad to help you choose the right ring and assist you with all the other wedding plans. Planning a wedding is something which requires attention to detail, and that’s exactly what we’re prepared to do for your wedding. Give us a call and we guarantee your big day will be a celebration unlike any other.


Common Wedding Disasters and How to Handle Them

On your wedding day, you should be carefree, ecstatic, nervous and in a host of other emotional states. What you should not be feeling is fear that your big day will be ruined in some way. This is the job of your wedding planner. A competent wedding planner will leave you confident enough to experience your nuptial bliss while steering clear of common wedding mishaps in order to ensure that your big day remains a source of pleasant reflections for years to come.

Bad Weather

Well, you can’t control the weather, but you can plan for it. If after all your meticulous planning, the weather still turns out to be the opposite of what you’d desired, find ingenious ways to make the most of it. For unexpected downpours at an outdoor ceremony, you can move the event indoors (of course this means you’d have had a backup venue prepared, preferably nearby).

Cake Issues

Way too many wedding ceremonies have been tarnished by cake problems. From accidental or deliberate smashing to collapsing many cakes have suffered damage before they get their time in the spotlight. Proper storage helps to keep a wedding cake form melting. If your reception venue is cool you’ll have less to worry about than if it were humid. It is a good idea to have a backup cake (which does not have to be as flashy as the official one). One crafty wedding planner was able to arrange pastries into a beautiful display to replace a damaged cake.

Absent Service Provider

Unfortunately, not all service providers live up to their clients’ expectations of reliability. What do you do if the band you hired or the photographer doesn’t show? If you don’t have backup options, you could play music from a storage device connected to the PA system or invite guests to use their smartphones to snap photos and then upload them to a space you can access.

Our wedding planners at New Mexico Wedding Expos & Guide are pros at smoothing over hiccups that often happen during wedding ceremonies and receptions. They maintain strong professional networks with numerous wedding service providers and so will be able to find alternative sat the last minute, if needed. If you’re seeking a capable, experienced and professional wedding planner that will enable you to quit worrying about these and other common wedding problems, get in touch with us today and we’ll connect you with the perfect wedding planners.

Definitely Do These Things to Prepare for Your Wedding Day!

Prepare for your wedding day

Prepare for your wedding day

This is not a piece where we will list out all the details you have to handle before your wedding day. We’re certain you’re more than familiar with all the steps needed to create the Big Day of your dreams.

This is an article that will focus on that which matters most: your physical and mental health. Yes, wedding planning can be extremely stressful (a fact acknowledged by science itself!). But no, you don’t have to let that take over your life.

What are the things you should definitely do to prepare for the wedding day?

Read on and find out more.

• Work out. Yes, this is something everyone writes about – but there is a very good reason it’s one of the most common tips out there: it works and it actually is very important. It’s not about losing pounds or inches, but about keeping your mental and physical health in check. Wedding planning is demanding as it is, but you don’t have to allow stress to take over your entire body. A combination of cardio and strength training can help your heart, your muscles, and your brain. It will help you be happier in general!

• Nourish your body with healthy foods. It might feel tempting to jump right into junk food when all things are stressful. However, this will only satisfy you short-term. Instead, you should focus on a diet that combines vegetables and fruit, healthy proteins, healthy fats, and healthy carbs. Doing this will strengthen your body and it will help you truly radiate from the inside out. Believe us, it can make the world of a difference!

• Nourish your mind. If you keep on focusing on nothing else but wedding planning, you will soon drive yourself crazy. Take a break every now and again. Take long walks. Read long books. Binge-watch your favorite series. Go out with your loved one or with your friends. Unwind and relax. You deserve this, your body deserves this, your mind deserves this!

• Ask for help. Before things get to be too much, ask for help. Either hire a wedding planner to help out (you’ll be glad you did), or enlist your friends and relatives. And don’t forget your fiancé’s friends and relatives too – they’re a source of potential help as well. There’s a lot to do, but you don’t have to do it all alone!

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3 Essential Tips for Planning Large Weddings

Planning a large wedding

Planning a large wedding

We don’t want to scare you off, but psychologists say that planning a wedding can be one of the more stressful things you will ever do. And it makes sense, given the wide range of details that must come together in a flawless way (plus don’t forget all the emotions and relatives involved as well)!

Wedding planning is difficult regardless of size, season, and style. But when it comes to large weddings, things can easily get complicated if you don’t pay attention.

What are the essential tips for planning large weddings?

Read on and find out more.

• Seriously consider getting a good professional wedding planner. The large the wedding, the more difficult it will be to organize everything. If you are having a large wedding, our best advice is to get a professional planner to help you. The cost will be well worth it.

• Having a Plan B is crucial. It always is, really. But check out the movie November Rain – there’s a scene where rain starts to pour down on the wedding guests and everything turns into chaos. You don’t want that at your wedding, do you? So, be sure your plans have a backup to make sure unexpected events do not ruin everyone’s mood for partying. It’s better to be safe and plan some sort of backup plan (like an indoor space or wedding tent for guests to take cover in case the skies decide to rain down on you).

• Every detail matters. Again, it always does. But if you have a lot of guests, things can get exponentially worse if you don’t triple check all details. From seat arrangement and wedding favors, to making sure there are enough food and drinks for everyone, every detail can make a huge difference. When the wedding is small, you can probably fix these things quickly. But if the wedding is larger, things will be a lot more difficult to fix at the last moment.

• Your venue is of paramount importance. Obviously, you need a wedding large enough to accommodate everyone invited at the wedding. Do keep in mind, however, that this is not just about the tables and the seats, but also about the actual space, the dance floor, and so on. You want everyone to be comfortable, and you don’t want your wedding to feel like a crammed event, as this would make people feel awkward and could spoil the wonderful mood you are trying to create.

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What to Wear to Your Rehearsal Dinner

What to wear to your rehearsal dinner

What to wear to your rehearsal dinner

Everyone spends a lot of time looking at wedding fashion and bridal makeup, ensuring that they are fully prepared and happy for their big day. However, this does mean that the rehearsal dinner is often forgotten about. To help you out, we have provided some top tips for dressing for your rehearsal dinner.

Tips for Dressing for Your Rehearsal Dinner

●      Choose Something That You Feel Great In - A rehearsal dinner is something to look forward to, but that's not to say that you won’t feel somewhat nervous. With all the attention on you and your partner, feeling nervous is perfectly normal. To help yourself to relax and enjoy the evening entirely, wear something that you feel great in. If you feel most comfortable in a formal dress, wear a formal dress. If you feel most comfortable in a suit, wear a suit. You have the freedom to choose.

●      Go Above and Beyond What You Would Normally Wear - Though your rehearsal dinner isn’t as important as your wedding day itself, it is still vital to make an effort. After all, friends and family will be in attendance and you’ll want to look your best. Rather than simply choosing a standard outfit that you would wear, find something truly special.

●      Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out - A lot of people choose to wear white to their rehearsal dinner, but you really don’t have to. Feel free to choose something brightly colored, bold, patterned or unique. It’s your special evening, so you are allowed to stand out and make a statement.

●      Don’t Forget About Hair and Makeup - A lot of people put time and effort into perfecting their bridal makeup and hair, forgetting that the rehearsal dinner is also important. A lot of photographs will be taken at your rehearsal dinner, so you will want to be camera ready at all times.


It’s important to remember that your rehearsal dinner is about you and your partner, so you really can choose to wear whatever you want. As long as it’s as formal as it needs to be and compliments what your partner is wearing, you are sure to impress. Just be sure to include all relevant details about rehearsal dinner when you send out the invitation. This includes the attire (formal, semi-formal, casual), the setting (indoor, outdoor), and whether children are invited.  That way you and your rehearsal dinner invitees will all be on the same page and can avoid any potentially embarrassing misunderstandings!

Roses 101: How to Incorporate Roses in Your Wedding, the Modern Way

Roses in your wedding & reception

Roses in your wedding & reception

Roses are without doubt one of the single most popular flowers when it comes to romantic gestures and romantic moments. Therefore, it makes all the sense in the world that this flower is prized and amazingly popular with brides and grooms getting married.

One of the primary concerns couples have when selecting roses as their wedding flower, however, is related to the fact that it has been heavily overused in the past.

How can you breathe new life into a wedding flower that has been heavily used in the past? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

· Combine them with other flowers. We don’t have to say that roses are the kind of flower that really works with everything else. From succulents to orchids, roses can be incorporated in multiple types of flower arrangements, to create something that is truly beautiful.

· Feature them. Roses by themselves are a classic. So if you want to keep it simple and classic, try a single rose centrepiece on each table in a thin clear glass vase with glass beads and a small pin spotlight highlighting them. Or you if want a larger arrangement, you can feature them as the only blooms in your flower arrangements. You can either go with something very simple, in one color, or combine two or more colors of roses to match your wedding’s theme.

· Put them in unique containers. If plain old-school vases bore you, or if you feel that it has been done a thousand times before, why not try something really unique? For instance, you could create rose arrangements and place them in a large crystal centerpiece – and this will give your entire wedding a fairy-tale, Beauty and the Beast-like vibe! And if you are planning a vintage wedding, you can create arrangements and place them in lanterns, for example. It would look so, so, so pretty!

· Use them as floral table runner. You really don’t have to settle for the classic wedding centrepieces if it doesn’t suit your style. You could, for example, use roses and greenery to create table runners or garlands to use for the decoration of the tables. This type of décor is really popular, and it works marvellously well with a variety of weddings – particularly with outdoor weddings!

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Fall Wedding? Check Out These Tips!

Fall weddings

Fall weddings

While a lot of couples settle for a spring or summer date when it comes to their wedding, it is perfectly understandable why you might want to tie the knot in the fall. The less crowded destinations, the chance of an Indian summer day, the colors of the season and its amazing magic and vibes – they can all sway you to the idea of planning a fall wedding.

What are some of the essentials you should keep in mind when planning a fall wedding, though?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Your wedding colors don’t have to be yellow and orange. Sure, you can include them and they will definitely match the season. However, consider others as well: darker shades of red (such as Marsala), purples and lavenders, greys, navy blue, and so on. They can look stunning combined with the energy of the season, so you should definitely think of them!

· If you want an outdoor wedding, do make sure you have a plan B. This is valid for any season you may choose for your wedding, but when it comes to fall, weather can be even trickier. You can either get a gorgeously sunny day or a rainy one – so it is important to have an indoor space (or some sort of wedding tent) in place in case it rains.

· DO take advantage of the fall touches. The foliage and the flowers can be absolutely stunning during the fall, and the food is more than delicious. Incorporate fall elements into your Big Day and it will look good and taste amazing, that’s for certain.

· Consider the holidays. Thanksgiving and Halloween are among the most important holidays in the calendar. On the one hand, this means you can borrow elements from them for your wedding, but on the other hand, it also means that you might not have as many available guests as you would want to (especially on Thanksgiving, since this is when everyone has plans with their family). Weigh in the options and decide which option is best for you!

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Wedding Favors ... should we do them?

Coming up with Favors for the guests at your wedding and reception is another expense that you probably don’t want to add to the list. But, you also want everyone to remember your special day along with you, and you want to show your appreciation.

So how do you get something they’ll love and stick in your budget? We found a new site that might help!

It’s It gives you personalized gifts that your guests can remember you both and your wedding for years to come. The site even has popular themes to make your shopping easy and to keep your theme going in all aspects of your planning!

So see what you can find that won’t break the budget!

Giving your Toast: The Definitive Guide

Go to for more info, advice and unique gifts

Go to for more info, advice and unique gifts

We like to search all over to see where the best help for you and planning your wedding might be found. And we’ve found that the giving Toasts part of the evening often leaves something to be desired. It’s a pain point and wanted to find a way to help you figure out what’s the best way to give a toast - whether you’re the brother or the maid of honor or the best man.

So we’ve found one spot that seems to have good points for everyone. So check them out and see what you think too. It’s called Best Man Speech: The Definitive Guide to Smashing It -

Some of the best take-aways are:

1 - Know what you’re going to say in advance. Rambling and winging it are overrated, at best

2 - Keep positive. No one came for a roast.

3 - Don’t bring up old relationships, past wild times or inside jokes that no one else will get.

So practice and have fun with it. It’s all about the celebration.

If You are Planning a Destination Wedding, here are some Tips

Destination weddings

Destination weddings

Destination weddings can be unforgettable, especially when you choose a location in New Mexico you have always loved!

However, it is important to acknowledge that destination weddings come with their own rules and etiquette. We have gathered some important information to keep in mind when it comes to planning your destination wedding.

· The Save the Date cards. With a non-destination wedding, you would normally send out Save the Dates three to four months before the actual Big Day. With destination weddings, however, you need to consider the fact that your guests need to make travel arrangements (transportation, accommodation, vacation days from work, and so on). Therefore, you should send the cards sooner, usually eight to twelve months before the wedding.

· The invitations. You do not have to include extra information on the actual invitation, but it is expected that you have a comprehensive website with travel information for your guests – accommodation options, an itinerary or timeline, a map and or GPS coordinates for them to get around easily.

· The guest list. In general, destination weddings tend to be a little smaller than non-destination weddings – and that is usually because not everyone will be able to travel for your Big Day. If you want to, it is totally acceptable to throw a separate party for everyone who couldn’t be there to celebrate with you, somewhere close to home.

· The meals. Normally, you are not required to pay for your guests’ meals (aside from the actual wedding food). However, you might want to show your appreciation for their effort by paying for an extra meal – like a welcome dinner or a brunch after the wedding, for example.

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Small vs Big Bridal Party: Which One Is Best for you?

small or big wedding party?

small or big wedding party?

Your bridesmaids are very important to you, they are, after all, your best friends and your closest relatives!

What happens when you can’t decide on whether you want a small bridal party or a large one? When is each of these options a good solution?

· Large wedding parties are usually considered necessary when the guest list is longer. Why? Because one of the main parts your bridesmaids should play during the Big Day is being your right hands. They will have to chit chat with guests and help them if they need it. So, the more guests there are, the larger the bridal party should be.

· If you have a lot of friends and don’t want to make anyone feel left out, you will most likely want to have a large bridal party as well. Your besties will appreciate it if you invite them to be part of your wedding day!

· Obviously, if your wedding plan is more intricate and you feel that you might need more help, it is more than OK to have more bridesmaids as well. They can help with a variety of small tasks (and large!), so that you can focus on the larger picture.

· Smaller wedding parties are usually associated with smaller weddings. If you want to have an intimate event and don’t want to invite everyone to it, a few bridesmaids will be more than enough. Even more, if you want to avoid fights and if you want to avoid the chaos of organizing a large group of bridesmaids (each with their own view and understanding on… everything), you should settle on a smaller wedding party as well.

· Things used to be a lot stricter when it came to the size of the bridal party, but now, etiquette is pretty relaxed when it comes to it. In the end, it’s all up to you – this is your wedding, so you make (most of) the rules!

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If You Are a Summer Bride, You Should Know These Timeline Tips

Summer bride

Summer bride

Summer is an excellent season for weddings. However, as a summer bride (or groom), you will want to make sure you make the most out of the season and your wedding timeline with the ups and downs of these fabulous months.

What are some of the most important tips to keep in mind as a summer bride or groom? We have gathered all of them below – so read on and find out more.

· This is valid all year round, but it can be quite important during the summer, when time simply flows differently, consider your venue’s end time. According to the contract you will sign with your wedding venue, you will have a start time and an end time on your wedding (ceremony + reception alike). Remember this time and calculate backwards so you know how much time you will need for the different parts of the wedding and when it is appropriate to start your ceremony.

· Consider the weather. Obviously, you can only see the weather forecast so far in advance, but what you can do, however, is plan for any potential changes. For instance, heat might be an issue during summer days, especially towards midday. Avoid seating your guests directly in the sun. If possible, try to either set the wedding ceremony later in the evening (if it happens outdoors, of course) or plan to give your guests some shade. Same goes for rain, if you are worried in the slightest due to your area don’t forget a rain plan. Whether that entails renting a tent or simply moving the ceremony or reception, you should of course plan ahead for this.

· Plan for the magic moments. Like it or not, most magic moments don’t just happen – they are carefully directed. So, if you want to take romantic photos during the “golden hour” or if you simply want the glorious sunset to be the shining back drop to your wedding vows, plan for it. Make sure to search for the sunset time for your specific wedding date and plan according to that. It will be worth the extra effort.

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How to Create a Clear Wedding Seating Chart

seating charts for your reception

seating charts for your reception

As the host of your wedding, you want nothing less than to make every single guest feels excellent at your wedding, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

Of course, a good seating chart will help with that, as it will provide you and your guests with the certainty that they will be seated near people they like (or at least are probable to like).

How do you make sure the seating chart is crystal clear for everyone and nobody gets lost at a different table?

Here are some tips for you - read on and find out more.

· Get someone to help. It's easy to get lost in seating chart translation when you have a million other things to do and when you want to make sure every single detail is perfectly planned. Ask your Maid of Honor, your mom, or even your father to help you create the perfect guest seating chart – one that not only brings people who are alike together, but also makes it easy for people to find their seats.

· Keep it nice and neat. Your seating chart and your place cards shouldn’t be all about the design. While the design and aesthetic are important, you will want to make sure that your Seating Chart and Place cards clear and concise. You don’t want your guests struggling to find their name and table on an overdesigned chart or desperately trying to find their place cards are on a cluttered table.

· Pick an easy rule. The easiest and most intuitive ordering rule you can find is to arrange everyone’s names in alphabetical order. This way, when people reach your wedding reception, they will automatically search for their names in the seating chart and easily find out where they are meant to take a seat. Easy, seamless and it doesn’t interfere with whatever design you might have decided on!

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Have You Ever Considered Stained Glass for Your Wedding Décor?

Stained glass for your reception decor

Stained glass for your reception decor

Stained glass is usually associated with churches and buildings created in a specific architectural style – and if you love the look, you will definitely love the idea of incorporating this style into your wedding day decor.

What are some of the ways you can do this?

· The Seating Chart. Welcome guests with a seating chart written on colored glass and placed in a wooden frame. It will look so beautiful, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding during the summer!

· The Backdrop. If you want your wedding ceremony to look picture perfect, you might want to consider a special backdrop for it. For instance, a panel with stained glass can add color and liveliness to the big moment, creating a style that is totally unique and unforgettable.

· The Invitations and Stationery. While we don’t recommend sending actual stained glass instead of paper invitations, you can send paper ones that are painted in a stained-glass style. There are a lot of ways this can be interpreted whether you choose to use traditional geometrical shapes, or something more whimsical like stained glass flowers.

· The Table. Your table décor is one of the main elements of décor at your wedding, so you should make sure to incorporate stained glass here as well. One of our favorite ways to bring this esthetic directly to the table is by using vintage colored glassware. Don’t settle for one color, when you can choose a color scheme that will light up the room and give a warm glow to the table. If vintage glassware is not to your taste, consider bringing different colored glass lanterns to your table. Once lite with candles it can create a inviting space that will wow your guests.

· The Wedding Cake. Your cake is such a huge part of both the décor and the menu that it would be a real pity not to coordinate it with the wedding theme. See if your baker is up for the challenge of creating a water color stained glass finish – we bet it will be a show stopper.

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A Brief Guide on Wedding Tables

Banquet tables for your reception

Banquet tables for your reception

As the bride and groom, you want to make sure your wedding looks flawless from start to finish – and in order for that to happen, you’ll want to carefully plan out all the key parts of your Big Day.

Of course, your wedding tables are an important part of your wedding – both when it comes to appearance (they are big part of your décor), and function (their shape and how they are arranged can dramatically impact your reception).

So what are some of the more important things to consider when selecting your wedding tables? What basics should you know before you venture out to pick your wedding tables?

· Round and square. These are the most popular types of wedding tables out there (with the round ones being more common, followed by square tables). They are perfect for those of you who want to arrange people in smaller groups at each table, and they are usually associated with more elegant weddings (e.g. you are less likely to see them at rustic weddings).

· Long and rectangular. This type of table has grown in popularity of the past couple of years, primarily due to trends like family style dinners and bringing people closer together. A long and rectangular table can be very elegant or it can be suitable for a country chic wedding too, depending on the décor you use for it (generally, though, the shorter, rectangular tables are preferred when it comes to farm weddings because they create a sense of intimacy and closeness.

· The King’s Table. This is not a shape of table per se. It refers to the table where the bride, the groom, the Maid of Honor, the Best Man, and the rest of the wedding party are traditionally seated. Normally, this table is long and rectangular, and it is positioned in a way that allows the people seated there to see the entire room. It’s where the toasts will be performed, so all the guests should a good view of this table.

· The Sweethearts’ Table. This is a smaller table, usually destined just for the bride and groom. The idea behind this table is allow guests to top by and congratulate the bride and groom, while allowing them to enjoy things together. It’s not that common these days. Another alternative is leave two empty seats at the other tables in the room so the bride and groom can easily visit and spend time at each table throughout the night, providing an easy way to socialize with guests.

· The Kid’s Table. While many weddings are organized with children sitting by their parents, some offer a lower-height table for kids old enough to eat independently but not ready for a spot at the grown-up tables. One advantage of this approach is that you can decorate the Kid’s Table with crayons and butcher paper placements or pads (like this one), thereby keeping the little ones entertained a bit longer while giving their parents more time to enjoy the reception. Children’s gift bags can also include be included with additional small toys to keep them entertained even longer!

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Your Maid of Honor Deserves a Great Hairstyle! Here Are Some Ideas!

Maid of honor hairstyles

Maid of honor hairstyles

As the bride, you want your best friend, your Maid of Honor, to look fantastic on the wedding day – she is afterall your bestie and she will reflect your own style.

Obviously, choosing a pretty dress for the Maid of Honor and the other bridesmaids is important. But have you considered the hairstyle your Maid of Honor should wear? If you two are currently searching for inspiration in this direction, be sure to read on, because we have gathered some of the very best styles foe a Maid of Honor.

· Flowers in her hair. Although flower crowns are very popular for bridesmaids and Maids of Honor, they are not the only way flowers can be incorporated in a wedding style. An easy, fresh, and super-feminine way of pulling this off is by simply embedding blooms in a braid – or, if your MoH is curly-haired, you could simply ask her to embed some flowers in her hair, here and there. It will look so fantastic, especially for a summer wedding!

· Leaving the hair down. This is one of the easiest and most feminine hairstyles for a Maid of Honor – so do not hesitate to suggest it to your friend. With a bit of texture and maybe even some very soft curls, your Maid of Honor will surely feel amazing on your wedding day! This style is particularly suitable for V-neck dresses, and, in general, dresses that reveal a bit more skin up top.

· Half up, half down, with a twist. The classic half up half down hairstyle can look really pretty, and it can be very comfortable too (especially for a Maid of Honor, who might have to run around to help you with various tasks on the wedding day). If you want your MoH to wear something sophisticated, ask her to add a twist to her “half up” side – it will instantly elevate the style and make it more unique. Your Maid of Honor will LOVE wearing this!

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Lovely Environmentally-Friendly Wedding Ideas for the Eco-Conscious Couple

Environmentally friendly weddings

Environmentally friendly weddings

Your wedding is the kind of event that will never be forgotten – the kind of event that speaks about you and who you are, the kind of event that you will cherish in your memory for the many decades to come.

Naturally, you want your wedding to mirror your own beliefs and the things that define you – as individuals and as a couple.

What if, for example, you are a very environmentally-friendly couple? Is there any way you can incorporate that into your wedding?

Yes! And here are some of the best ideas to help you create the perfect environmentally-friendly wedding;

· Eco-friendly baskets for the flower girls. If you decide to have a flower girl (or more) at your wedding, you should replace their traditional flower baskets with something that is friendlier with the environment. For instance, baskets filled with flowers that can be planted afterwards would be a much better choice than baskets filled with flowers that will wither in a couple of days.

· Paper flower bouquets. If you don’t want to hold a classic bridal bouquet, why not replace it with something that is both avant-garde and environmentally friendly? For instance, a specialist can help you create stunning paper flower arrangements that are biodegradable and recyclable.

· The eco menu. If you want your wedding to be environmentally friendly, don’t forget to create a wedding menu that is inspired by the best and most delicious local products. Not only will these be healthier, and taste better but including local produce in your wedding will help the local economy as well!

· Say NO to plastic. Most people don’t fully realize this, but plastic is one of the worst enemies against the environment. To avoid being part of the problem, avoid using plastic in your wedding (replace plastic straws with paper ones, for example, avoid using plastic water bottles for your guest, instead have drink stations, etc.).

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Your Flower Girl Will Look Lovely with Any of These Hairstyles!

Flower girls styles

Flower girls styles

It is entirely up to you if you choose to invite children to your wedding, and it’s also entirely up to you if you choose to have a traditional flower girl or girls.

If you do have one (or more), you’ll want to create a truly beautiful look for them. Flower girls are little angels who announce your presence before you walk down the aisle – and their hair will definitely be a big part of their look.

What are some of the prettiest flower girl hairstyles you can choose from? We’ve gathered some them below – so read on and find out more.

· Cute little braids. There are many ways this can be done. For instance, you could create a fishtail braid and pull it up with a floral piece. This is perfect for a boho chic or garden wedding! Also, you could simply create two lateral braids and pull them back with a girly pin. This is a look would be perfect for those brides having a more formal or elegant wedding.

· Adorable bow. There’s nothing cuter than a little curly girl with her hair pulled up in a bow. While this might not look great on the older wedding attendants (your bridesmaids), it will look picture-perfect for your flower girl. The bow can be made with a fabric that matches that of your bridesmaids’ dresses or it can be something as simple as a lace ribbon tied up in a pretty way.

· Unbeatable naturalness. Is your flower girl naturally curly? Leave her glorious hair be, then! A bit of hair foam will set the curls in place and a cute headband (which can be adorned with flowers, of course!) can be used to pull back the hair – but other than that, a simply curly flower girl has a natural hairstyle that looks absolutely perfect as it is!

· The girly hairstyle. If you want to, you can opt for a sweet, girly hairstyle that combines large curls, flowers, and ribbons. This type of style is more than perfect for a bride who wants all her wedding to look girly and romantic!

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