What Flowers Say

Photo by Fizelwink Photography

Photo by Fizelwink Photography

A gift of flowers has always been a favored expression of friendship and love. Here is a sampling of the special messages you can send by selecting flowers with meanings all their own. 

On your wedding eve, give your fiancé a mixture of red and white roses (happy love and unity), or ranunculus (you are radiant with charm). 

When meeting your in-laws for the first time, bring a bouquet of heather (admiration), daffodils (regard, not love) or morning glories (affection). 

At your bridal shower choose centerpieces of acacia (friendship) and yellow lily (gaiety). 

Tell the groom’s friends to decorate him with ivy (fidelity) or give him a sprig to wear at the bachelor party.

Thank your bridesmaids for their support with small bouquets of speedwell (female fidelity) and sweet sultan (felicity, happiness), and give them as tokens at your bridesmaids’ luncheon. 

For the wedding, decorate the church, chapel or garden with ivy (fidelity, marriage), and lilies (purity of heart). 

Your bouquet will express unspoken emotions when you include: blue violets (faithfulness), orchids (beauty and love), myrtle (joy), or iris (promise in love). Flowers always create a festive and romantic mood…now you can use them to express special sentiments as well.

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