6 Mistakes Recently Engaged Brides Make

Photo by Fizelwink Photography

Photo by Fizelwink Photography

So your man decided to “put a ring on it,” and now he’s your fiancé?  Congratulations!  Undoubtedly, you’re floating on cloud nine right now, feeling like you just won a new 2015 Mustang. You’re soaking up that just got engaged bliss, as you well should be! But before you jump full force into action mode, make sure you avoid making these six common and costly mistakes:

·       Mistake #1:  Telling Everyone They’re Invited

Here’s the thing: after you invite someone, you can’t exactly go back and tell them they’re not invited, at least not without being rude.  Wait until you and your groom have made a guest list together and you’ve formulated a budget so that you’ll have an idea of how many guests you’re able to afford.  Also, if they aren’t a close friend or relative, consider nixing anyone outside of the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area. Not only will you be saving your budget, but you’ll also be saving them traveling expenses.

·       Mistake #2:  Instantly Setting a Date

Now that you’ve got a ring on your finger, it can feel like the pressure is on to set a date ASAP.  But if you set a wedding date without factoring in schedules (yours, the groom’s, both of your families’, and bridesmaids’/ groomsmen’s) then you’re just going to have to go back and change it.  Take into consideration things like graduations, already planned reunions and vacations, even deployment if you have military people in your wedding party.  Put time and thought into the date that you choose, and obviously you can’t always do everything to accommodate everyone 100% of the time, but you can do your best to make it convenient for people. 

·       Mistake #3: Rushing to Post Your Good News on Social Media

That moment when you first get engaged can be so exciting, you just want to shout it from the rooftops and announce it to the world.  But when you post your news for everyone to see, you miss out on the fun and excitement of telling the people closest to you (parents, siblings, relatives and best friends) in person or at least over the phone.  Wait until you’ve told close friends and family about your engagement, then break the news on Facebook.

·       Mistake #4: Instantly Asking a Zillion People to Be Bridesmaids

Obviously, you love your girls, but whatever you do, DO NOT feel like you have to rush into asking them to be bridesmaids right away!  Remember that the bigger your bridal party, the higher your expenses will be (if you aren’t covering the costs of the girls’ dresses, you’ll at least need to buy their bouquets and a gift for each of them).  Also keep the chemistry of the group in mind; You don’t want to ask anyone who’ll create unnecessary drama!  So do yourself a favor and take some time to think before you start going around asking the bridesmaid question.  Chances are, if your friends really love you, they’ll understand and respect your decision to wait! 

·       Mistake #5: Buying the First Dress You Try on

So you’re engaged, you go to the bridal store, you try on a dress… it’s beautiful, and you’re immediately ready to fork over your credit card.  It’s tempting to fall in love with the first dress you see and just end your search there, but you really need to try on a variety of dresses to get a feel for what you like and don’t like.  Try different styles and materials, and have the bridal shop’s associates make suggestions and help you eliminate the ones that don’t work so you can confidently walk away with a winner. 

·       Mistake #6:  Prioritizing the Wrong Things

A lot of brides get so caught up in planning the details of their wedding that they forget what’s most important: planning for a successful marriage.  Don’t forget that your wedding day is just that- a day, but your marriage lasts a lifetime.  Make a point to schedule pre-marital counseling, go to the sessions and do any reading or homework they give you!  You need to take time to prepare spiritually and mentally for the responsibilities that come with being husband and wife.  Also, going to pre-marital counseling is a good way to make sure you’re on the same page with all the big things (kids, careers, where you see yourself living) before walking down the aisle. 

The time between your proposal and wedding should be fun, exciting and full of eager anticipation. Make sure it stays that way by avoiding the 6 common mistakes listed above, and you can set yourself up for not just a successful engagement, but a marriage that’s successful too!

by Savannah Marie