Are you Ready to Attend a Bridal Fair?

photo courtesy of Fizelwink Photography

photo courtesy of Fizelwink Photography

If you’re like many brides you are scheduled to head to a bridal show this season. These shows are created to help brides find the right fit to make their big day absolutely amazing. However, going to these shows can seem overwhelming. Make sure you’re prepared to take in all of what the vendors want to present to you.

Here are some handy tips in making your bridal show experience less chaotic:

Create a Wedding Email:
· This one is free! With the bazillion free emails accounts out there, create one just for the wedding. For example: if Jane is getting married to John Smith then make the email

· Once they get your info, wedding vendors email you…..sometimes a lot. Don’t let this fill up your personal inbox with emails from vendors you just saw once at a bridal show. Start an email account just for wedding stuff.

· When a vendor wants to send you an invoice or logistic info about the big day, it’s better to go here than to get mixed up with your regular mail.

· You can even have guests use this email to RSVP for your wedding, if you want to do it that way.

Make Labels:
· Cost is about $10 or less depending on what stickers you use at your local office supply store. Instead of bending over and filling out your info over and over again at every single booth you’re interested in, stick a label with your basic info on it and move on. You won’t be spending forever at one booth trying to juggle a cake sample and pen in one hand and 10 brochures in another. Basic info to put on your labels:
First and Last Name
Wedding Date
Wedding Email
Address, if you so wish
Best phone number, if you so wish

· I say “if you so wish” because you don’t have to put all this info, but vendors do need a way to contact you. Whether you only want email communication, phone, snail mail, or all three
Take a Decent Sized Tote Bag:

· (I prefer over the shoulder) Cost is a few bucks or free if you have one hiding in your closet or the trunk of your car.

· You are going to get a ton of info and freebies when you go to a bridal show. In many cases they will give you a bag at the door, but if it’s too small, or you don’t get one at all, you will be happy you grabbed this hands free option.

Bring some Company
· Put your Maid of Honor to work! Bring her along, if you get tied up talking to a vendor, she can go around and at least enter you for contests or grab you and herself some yummy samples. Also, you guys will have fun winning some stuff!

· Moms are great company too! Plus, salons and spas usually have great give-a-ways or packages just for the Mother of the Bride. You will be happy you both shared this experience together.

· Take the groom (if you can drag him with you). Sometimes it’s worth their while because there are giveaways just for him! If he gets bored, many wedding shows have a grooms room or area where he can grab a beer and watch a game on TV.

Bring a Camera
· This one should be easy; most cameras double as our cell phones!

· Vendors bring some of their very best displays to a bridal show, if you like something - take a picture.

· Take pictures at the fashion shows. Wedding gown and tuxedo vendors will be showcasing their hottest trends and you may want to document some looks.

Hopefully this helps going to a bridal fair a much more enjoyable experience. Sifting through information will be easier and ideas can be captured and not forgotten. 

Congratulations on your engagement, and happy wedding planning!

By Ashley Kerns is the Marketing Manager for Suits Unlimited.