Crisis Kit

photo courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

photo courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

You can break Murphy’s Law if anything can go wrong it will, - on your wedding day by being prepared.

Create a crisis kit by decorating a basket in coordinating colors. As you think of all the possible things that could solve your wedding day emergencies, take the items and put them in your basket.

Here is a starter list of supplies:
o Fingernail polish; one in your color and one clear to fix stocking runs
o Extra stockings
o Anti-static cling spray
o Mirror, brush, comb, hair spray, bobby pins
o Safety pins, needle and thread
o Deodorant and talcum powder
o Extra blush, waterproof mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss
o Spray on spot remover
o Hair dryer, curling iron
o Tissues or handkerchief
o Aspirin, antacids and eye drops 
o Telephone list of the wedding party
o Telephone list of your photographer, florist, caterer, limousine service, 
videographer etc. Include second and third choices in case of a last-minute 

Some of these items are available in travel sizes for convenience. This crisis kit also makes a creative bridal shower gift.