DJ + Live Music

photo courtesy of Fizelwink Photography

photo courtesy of Fizelwink Photography

One of the hardest decisions in planning your wedding will be choosing the entertainment for your reception. This decision is usually a personal preference, but sometimes it becomes a financial decision, as live bands can be expensive. 

Disc Jockey entertainment has become the most popular form of musical entertainment for wedding receptions. A professional DJ can provide the widest variety of music to entertain all your guests no matter what age group or musical preference. However, brides often prefer live entertainment to provide the appropriate dinner music for their guests. 

Also, if there is a cocktail hour before the reception begins, a pianist or other solo instrumentalist can create the appropriate ambiance while guests mingle with friends and relatives. Whether you are looking for the appropriate dinner music or light background music for a cocktail hour, a DJ cannot match the musical atmosphere and entertainment of a live performance. But several Santa Fe and Albuquerque DJs work with musicians and can book both at one time. 

For this reason, many brides are now combining both DJ services with live entertainment, either by hiring a soloist to entertain their guests during dinner or a cocktail hour, or by searching for a DJ who offers live entertainment such as a pianist as a package deal.Or look for a DJ who is a musician and can provide this live entertainment for the same price. Combining these two forms of entertainment will delight your guests and add variety to your reception.