Having a Sunday Wedding

Photo from Nicole's Boutique / Fizelwink Photography

Photo from Nicole's Boutique / Fizelwink Photography

Most weddings are performed on Saturday with the reception following. Their popularity guarantees that some reception facilities are booked as much as 18 months in advance for Saturdays, especially in July and August.

If you decide to get married on Sunday, you will save both time and money, a great cost-cutting wedding idea for a number of reasons. Check first with your clergy to see if he/she performs Sunday weddings. Many prefer to devote Sunday exclusively to services and family.

Provided your clergy does perform Sunday weddings, your chances of reserving your preferred venue, entertainment, and photographer increases dramatically.

Since Sundays tend to be relatively slow business days, some restaurants will close down exclusively for your reception on Sunday. They may even offer special Sunday rates or packages. Your favorite DJ or band is more likely to have a Sunday free than a Saturday, and the same holds true with your preferred photographer and videographer.

You will likely have more success when negotiating on prices for any service, because vendors tend to regard any income earned on a Sunday as a bonus. Savings can add up quickly. You will also save time when calling to arrange your desired services (hearing “no” fewer times means making fewer calls). Your frustration level will go down, and your odds of getting exactly what you want will go up.

We checked with some Santa Fe and Albuquerque wedding venues and reception sites and many said that their rates do go down on Sundays and low-demand times.

Despite the advantages, hosting a Sunday wedding will likely annoy some guests. Some will complain about your cost-cutting wedding idea because they have to work on Monday, a Sunday wedding is no fun.

Guest traveling from out of town may begrudge having to take an additional day off from work on which to travel home. Most guests, however, will focus not on their own perceived inconvenience, but on your happiness.

No matter what your wedding decisions, you will be unable to please everyone completely. Once you accept this, choosing a Sunday wedding can be a great way to maximize your time and money without sacrificing on the quality of your special day.

A great way to find cost-cutting wedding ideas is to come to a wedding show and where you can price shop all in one place.