Tips for your perfect Wedding Day

photo courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

photo courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

You’ve thought of everything, or so you think. With your mind full of details, it is hard to know what you may have overlooked. Here are a few miscellaneous quick tips to make sure you’re covered.

• Create a new email account to give to all of the vendors you talk to about your wedding. That way, you can keep all of your wedding information in one place and not get in the way of your usual email.

• When you go to wedding shows or other bridal events, take some return address labels to save you time when signing up for things.

• Get organized—keep a notebook or folder with all of your wedding information in one place.

• On your wedding day, plan to start getting ready two hours before your pre-wedding photographs are scheduled to begin. The last thing you need is the stress of running late.

• Choose a “wing man” to look out for you. Have a printed schedule of wedding day events and give it to the most assertive person in your bridal party. She will have the responsibility of making sure things are running smoothly and on time.

• Assign your “wing man” the additional tasks of traffic control in the dressing room and delivery of food and drink to you before and after the ceremony. Chances are, you will be too busy to handle these things yourself.

• You will need energy to socialize and dance all night, so make sure you eat a meal before you put on your wedding dress. You will likely only get to take a few bites at the reception.

• As you walk down the aisle, hold your bouquet in front of your navel with your arms kept snug against your waist. Tilt the flowers toward your guests and keep the stems toward your body.

Don’t hold your flowers too high or they will block the view of your gown and draw attention away from your face. Remember to smile—this is your moment to shine!

Where to splurge and where to save on your big day.

The fairy-tale goes something like this: boy meets girl, they fall in love and they have the most beautiful wedding, making all their friends green with envy. And then they have the rest of their lives to pay off the debt…

Unless you have a fairy godmother or a trust account most of spend years saving and paying off our big day. This can leave us wondering if we should have put less thought into dresses and cake and more into how we would pay for it. Here are some great cost-cutting wedding tips.

If you are on a tight wedding budget there are areas you can afford to save and places to splash out on. Knowing when to splurge and when to scrimp can have a big impact on your enjoyment and the overall look of the wedding. 

Wedding invitations set the tone for the wedding and give the guests a hint as to what to expect. Wedding invitations are also a huge waste of money. You can find hundreds of designs for free on the internet and a newsagency sells fancy paper for a few dollars for a packet. If you want something more professional a quick internet search a will reveal discounted rates, free shipping and more options than you can possibly need. Compare prices and designs and save you can save yourself a couple of hundred dollars.

Wedding flowers die just like any other flowers and the funny thing about wedding flowers is they cost 10 times more. For cost cutting wedding flowers, when sourcing quotes initially request a quote for two bouquets of the type of flowers you need and assess the price. Use this price to get a rough idea of the cost before you ask for a quote for wedding flowers. Many florists increase the price when they know the flowers are for weddings. Also request a price without delivery and see if there is any saving to be had by having someone pick them for you.

Venue takes a large part of your wedding budget, especially if the catering and alcohol come as part of the package. I would suggest opting for a middle of the range venue, something nice and reliable, it doesn’t need to be “the Plaza Hotel in June.” If you use too much of your budget just securing the space your reception can end up falling a little flat. Most wedding venues are simply a conference hall full of foldaway tables and white table cloths. 

Once you lock in a venue I would also suggest splurging their most expensive food and decoration package. You want the best of what they offer but mostly you want good food, lots of booze and band that will keep guests dancing till the sun comes up. This is where you invest your money and your guests will leave happy. 

Think about entertainment, the band you choose is important. Find a duo or trio with a good range of modern tunes and old favourites. People like to dance to music they know and there is nothing more awkward than an empty dance floor at a wedding.

A great way to find cost-cutting wedding ideas is to come to a wedding show and where you can price shop all in one place.

Author Bio: Article by Sharon Freeman on behalf of Entertainment88 who supply Wedding Bands and Entertainment for any type of special event.