Wedding Dance

photo courtesy of Fizelwink Photography

photo courtesy of Fizelwink Photography

The moment you have waited for is here. The lights dim; the music playing is your song. You are announced as “Mr. & Mrs.”, you are invited to the dance floor. Friends and family look on with admiration. He embraces you. You exchange loving glances and a tender kiss. Confidently, he leads you through your first dance together as husband and wife. It’s the highlight of your wedding reception.

During the months before your wedding day, plan to learn how to dance. There are several schools that can even offer private tutoring in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for your first dance. The time you spend together at a dance school learning dancing skills will strengthen your relationship. It will take away the stress of all the preparations for the upcoming wedding by giving you an opportunity to relax and have fun together.

When selecting a dance school, these are the elements to look for:
 • a recognizable name and good reputation.
 • a friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff.
 • adequate practice areas and sound systems for your convenience.

Learning to dance for your wedding is an important investment worth careful 
consideration. Its value should exceed the lesson’s cost. Your school should include some private instruction, wedding classes, practice time, and the opportunity to rehearse your wedding day dance.