Your Timetable

photo courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

photo courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

Careful planning and scheduling will enable you to relax and truly enjoy every moment of your wedding day. For a large formal wedding, arrangements should begin at least 6-12 months in advance to enable your suppliers to provide the best quality and service. Note: we recommend sharing some of the planning duties with your fiancé.

Six to twelve months:

 Decide budget ___________________________________________________

 Decide type of wedding - formal / informal ____________________________

 Choose location of ceremony _______________________________________

 Select type of clergy _______________________________________________

 Choose attendants ________________________________________________ 

 Select gown, veil & accessories ______________________________________

 Select attendants’ gowns. Style # _____________________________________

 Compile invitation list. No. Bride ______________ No. Groom ____________

 Select reception site ___________________________ Phone _____________

 Plan details of reception 

 Select men’s formal wear _______________________ Phone _____________

 Select photographer ___________________________ Phone _____________

 Select videographer ___________________________ Phone _____________

 Select florist _________________________________ Phone _____________

 Select caterer ________________________________  Phone _____________ 

 Select bridal registry ___________________________ Phone _____________

 Select music for ceremony ______________________ Phone _____________

 Select music for reception ______________________ Phone _____________

 Discuss honeymoon plans _________________________________________  

 Reserve limousines ____________________________  Phone _____________

  Order wedding favors ______________________________________________

Four to six months:

 Order invitations, stationery, napkins _______________________________

 Finalize honeymoon - Travel Agency _____________ Phone _____________

 Shop for trousseau

 Find a place to live - New Address ________________________________

 Shop for home furnishings

 Set appointment for physical exam and update immunizations

 Order flowers - Florist –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

                          Phone ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

 Shop for wedding bands

 Send for, or renew, passport if necessary

Two months:

 Address wedding invitations and/or announcements

 Call local newspaper on wedding announcement deadline ________________

 Select attendants’ gifts

 Try out new hair styles to consider

 Set date with fiancé to get marriage license ___________________________

 Gown fittings, appointments for attendants’ fittings

 Reserve rental items for ceremony - Rental shop _______________________

 Reserve rental items for reception - Phone _____________________________

 Order wedding and groom’s cake - Cake shop _________________________

                                                         Phone ___________________________

 Mail invitations to arrive six weeks before wedding

One month:

 Arrange for final gown fitting _____________________________________

 Remind attendants of final gown fittings _____________________________

 Make reservations for rehearsal dinner _______________________________

 Have formal wedding portrait taken - Date/Time ______________________

 Make reservations for bridesmaids’ luncheon _________________________

 Arrange lodging for out-of-town guests _____________________________

 Buy groom’s wedding gift, attendants’ gifts

 Confirm honeymoon trip reservations. Check luggage.

Two weeks:

 Record wedding gifts as they arrive. Write thank you notes promptly

 Double check attire and accessories for all members of the wedding party

 Confirm time & date of rehearsal with members of wedding party

 Review reception seating plans and make place cards if necessary

 Arrange to move your belongings to new home

 Schedule hair and manicure appointments - Date/Time ________________

 Complete trousseau shopping

 Arrange for name and address changes on accounts, credit cards, licenses, 

    insurance policies, utilities

One week:

 Have final consultations with caterer, florist, musicians, photographer,

    and videographer

 Give final guest count to reception facility and caterer

 Host bridesmaids’ luncheon - Restaurant _____________________________

                                                Date/Time ___________________________

 Begin packing for honeymoon

 Relax and get plenty of rest...the planning is complete, let the festivities begin.