Planning a Wedding with Pinterest

Bridal shows are a way to see and touch and taste that you can't get on Pinterest!

Bridal shows are a way to see and touch and taste that you can't get on Pinterest!

Whether your big day is years, months, weeks or even days from now, there is always a lot of planning to be done. You need the dress, the venue, the food, the cake, the hair, the nails, the rings, the bridal party, the guest list, the décor — the list goes on and on.

The longer you think about what needs to be done, the more you want to either call of the engagement or just elope and get the whole ordeal over with. However, if you know how to keep yourself organized and can make some plans in advance, planning your wedding may not be quite the nightmare it seems to be for every other bride you’ve talked to.

Don’t turn to notepads and list-making to keep yourself organized; this is the digital age, ladies! Instead, turn to Pinterest  to help plan your wedding the right way.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site on which people around the world exchange and share images of ideas, ideals, advice and so on. The images are called “pins,” which can be added to any board or any profile. To make a board, you simply log in to your account and there will be a big red button labeled “Create Board” begging for you to click on it.

When you click this button, you will be prompted to name your board, describe what your board is about, place your board in a category (such as home décor or weddings) and then decide if you want others to have viewing access.

Once you create a board, you can pin anything to it, but to remain organized, try only to include relevant pins. For example, if you label one of your boards “wedding dress ideas,” don’t pin a cake to the page.

There are some awesome benefits of using Pinterest as well that you may not have in your everyday life. For instance, expert wedding planners are creating boards every day. By following them, you can see any new and fresh ideas they may have for the upcoming wedding season. You also have the option of getting feedback from other users.

I have had comments from complete strangers telling me how great one dress looks or how deliciously beautiful one cake is. The more positive feedback you receive, the more confident you will feel when the big day arrives.

Planning the Details

Now that you have an understanding of Pinterest, you need to decide how best to use Pinterest to plan your wedding. You can have anywhere from one board to a million boards depending on how specific you want to get with your details! To make things a little easier, I recommend a few boards.

If you haven’t picked out your dress yet, create a dress board and pin a few dresses that have features you like on them. If you’re lucky, you will find a perfect dress in one pin, but odds are good you will find a little something you like in a number of dresses; maybe the dream dress with all these features is out there somewhere!

A food board might be a good idea too. With many guests not eating meat, only eating dairy, or allergic to 95% of the basic food groups, it is hard to create a menu that has something for everyone. Search out some interesting recipes and a few catering companies on Pinterest. You might find some unexpected and versatile options.

I definitely recommend is a theme board. Take me, for example: I am dreaming of a vineyard wedding. With a board dedicated to the wine theme, I can include pins of everything from centerpieces and table cards to ideas for the ceremony, like mixing two wines in one glass and drinking from it at the altar.

The bigger your vision is, the more an over-arching themed board will help pin down all the finer details.

Don’t Stop at the Wedding

Pinterest is a place with millions of images about millions of things. While you are stressing out over the wedding, take some time to pin a few honeymoon ideas as well. Whether your dream honeymoon is soaking in a therapy pool spa in your own house for a stay-cation or a trip around the world in a hot air balloon, Pinterest offers just as many great ideas for after the wedding too.


By Savannah Marie is a writer and PR consultant. She is the editor of her blog, Mixios, which covers everything from social media to travel. When she isn't writing, you can find her reading anything she can get her hands on, trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, or walking her yellow lab. Follow her on Twitter