Decorating your aisles gorgeously

make an elegant walk down the aisle

make an elegant walk down the aisle

Decorate your wedding aisle gorgeously to Walking down the aisle – now, this is a moment you’ve been picturing ever since you were a kid. And you always dreamed it to be magical, unforgettable and amazingly romantic. You always wanted it to be truly and utterly unique – just like your real-life love story is too.

The good news is that this can be done. It does take a bit of attention to detail and a good eye for stylish décor, but it is more than doable. How, more exactly? How to create a stunningly elegant wedding aisle décor? Read on and find out more.

·       Floral clusters. They say “less is more” – and, to be honest, they couldn’t be more right. If you want a simple and elegant décor for your ceremony, simply use floral clusters to decorate some of the chairs next to your wedding aisle. It will look so adorably beautiful!

·       Paper lanterns. Similar to the aforementioned suggestion, paper lanterns can add a playfully stylish touch to the entire ceremony. Use some paper lanterns colored to suit your wedding color scheme and hang them on the chairs next to the aisle. They will complement your wedding with a lot of grace!

·       Paper flowers. Cute and elegant, paper flowers can line your wedding ceremony aisle in a magical way. Choose fun-colored flowers for a summer wedding and pastel colors for a delicate wedding décor.



Photo source: Ashwin John