What you didn't know about your gown

some tips to help you with buying your gown

some tips to help you with buying your gown

If you are getting married soon, buying the perfect wedding gown is most likely at the very top of your list of priorities. And that’s only natural, especially considering how amazingly special this moment is in your life.

While you may be more than familiar with the different wedding gown styles, cuts and fabrics, it is more than likely that there are also a lot of things you don’t know about wedding dresses.  For example, did you know that…

·       …Almost 60% of the brides find their wedding gown inspiration on Pinterest, but only a meager 18% of them actually make an online purchase when it comes to this important wedding day item.

·       …Only 1% of the brides actually buy their dress at a sample sale, but 57% of them purchase their gowns at an independent salon and 32% of them make the purchase at a national bridal chain.

·       …The average price of a wedding gown is of no less than $1,355, to which most brides add the costs of headpieces and/or veils (which average at approximately $199).

·       …14% of the brides-to-be are entertain the idea that they might wear a colored wedding dress – and why wouldn’t they like this, as long as it makes them happy?

·       …More than 20% of the brides want to wear a second wedding dress at their Big Day. This is a great idea when you want to change into something more comfortable (or, why not, when you simply cannot decide between two dresses).



Photo source: flickr.com/ Benson Ku