Personalized Wedding Place Cards

One of the best ways to organize seating for a wedding or any type of event is by using place cards. Seating charts allows guests to see the overall seating at a banquet hall whereas place cards point out the individual seating at a specific table in the banquet hall.

Place cards can be found in different shapes, forms and types. It all depends on how you would like it displayed. Here are some fabulous ideas for different wedding themes:

1)     Traditional Place Cards

Oftentimes when we hear people say traditional, we often think boring. When planning your wedding, traditional doesn’t have to be boring. It simply means using certain things or doing certain things, and in this case- place cards. In its most simplest and common form- everyone knows how they’re supposed to work. Despite its traditional form, you can up the ante by creating cards that are in line with your wedding stationary theme. Don’t just use plain white tent cards, create place cards that suit your theme, or compliment your wedding décor.

2)     Travel Themed Place Cards

You’ve been around the world with your other half, the both of you love travelling and naturally, when it came to choosing a theme for your wedding- you chose travel. You can design your place cards to make it look like postcards with stamps and all. This is a great example of using the traditional form of place cards but tweaking it to fit your theme. You can also do boarding passes, luggage tags and even maps! Alternatively, you can create origami planes with your guest’s name on it.

3)     Beach or Nautical Themed Place Cards

Oh the ideas are just plenty for this one! You can have origami boats done with guest’s names on them; mini umbrellas and seashells to adorn place cards, and even get mini umbrellas with mini beach chairs with your guest’s names on it.

4)     Casino Themed Place Cards

Probably not such a common theme for a wedding, but I’ve seen this quite a few times. You can definitely use personalized playing cards as place cards or you can have place cards done in the shape of the suit of cards. Even add in more drama to the wedding by creating place name cards as poker chips.

5)     Four Seasons Place Cards

There are so many ideas you can follow if you plan on using the season as a theme. If it’s a fall wedding, why not paint fall leaves in gold and hand write your guests name on it? This is absolutely beautiful and thrifty! Spring wedding? Then incorporate citrus fruits into your wedding and use them as place holders for your cards. Guests can even take the fruits back! If it’s a winter wedding, how about teal rock candy tied to place cards which can also double up as wedding favors? Another option is using the traditional tent place card form but then designing it to incorporate silhouettes of animals’ ears such as a reindeer, rabbit, fox and bear.

Place cards may be a minor item in the whole wedding set up and tableware design, but these tiny details are the ones that tell your guests that everything put into place at your wedding has been carefully picked and crafted.

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