Common Wedding Mistakes for your Guests!

these mistakes can ruin the wedding fun

these mistakes can ruin the wedding fun

Being among the guests at a wedding is a true honor. After all, the couple has selected you to be there for them as they tie the knot and to celebrate this important moment in their lives. For sure, you don’t want to ruin their Big Day by making a faux pas that could cost you (and the newlyweds) a lot.

What are some of the mistakes you will definitely avoid doing as a wedding guest? We have gathered some of them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Have one too many. OK, there may be an open bar and you should definitely enjoy yourself. But it is important that you know your limits – one drink too many could be a disaster for the bride and groom and it could put you in an embarrassing situation too.
  • Wear white. It doesn’t matter how unconventional the wedding is. Unless the bride specifically mentions that white is OK, you should refrain from wearing it (especially if you are a woman). Also, steer clear of everything white-related too (ivory, cream and other shades of white are a complete no-no as well!).
  • Bring a plus-one that wasn’t actually invited. The wedding etiquette is crystal clear when it comes to this. If your RSVP card doesn’t say your name and a blank space for your plus-one, you’re not allowed to bring anyone with you. In general, people who are in very steady, long-term relationships (or married) are allowed to bring their partners – but you should still check this with the bride.
  • Shoot photos during the special moments. The couple has hired a special person for this (and they probably paid heavy money too), so don’t ruin the professional photographer’s pictures by popping out in the picture so that you can shoot the best angle.


Photo source: Best Service Professionals