Create fun hashtag elements!

create your own hashtag

create your own hashtag

Your wedding is such a special day that leaving it undocumented would be a real pity. Of course, you are going to hire a photographer (and maybe even a videographer too). But how can you gather together all those Social Media photos your guests will share?

The answer is very simple: create a wedding hashtag. Think of a unique message or simply bring your names and your wedding year together and create a hashtag your guests can use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to let people know of your wedding hashtag? Here are some fun ideas to inspire you:

·       Wedding signs. Leave your wedding hashtag on a wedding sign and allow your guests to “pick it up” from there. This is the simplest way to make sure everyone knows how to share your wedding photos on Social Media.

·       On the table. Include your hashtag in the table number or create a special card for it. As long as it’s noticeable and as long as it goes with the rest of the table décor, anything you choose will be more than fine.

·       On the wedding program. Considering your hashtag is part of your Big Day, it make complete sense to share it on the wedding program. Just add it at the end of the program with a cute message – it will work really well!

·       At the bar. Considering most of your guests will visit the bar, you can share your hashtag there as well. Make a special sign for it and integrate it in the bar décor to make sure it pops out and guests see it!



Photo source: regan76