Invitations for the eco-friendly

green invitations

green invitations

Being eco-friendly is more than an option – for many people, it is a way they live their lives. But what happens when you are an eco-friendly couple and you don’t want your wedding to leave a paper trail behind it? How do you handle wedding invitations and stationery when you don’t want to hurt our planet?

We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

·       Recycled paper. If you want to help the environment, use recycled paper for your wedding invitations. These days, recycled paper can look just as great as the “normal” one, so you shouldn’t worry about anything. Not only will this be a very eco-friendly option, but it will also give your wedding invitations a completely unique touch.

·       Ditch the extras. You don’t need a million-and-one cards to be attached to the wedding invitation suite. As a matter of fact, aside from the invitation proper and the RSVP cards, you can replace all the other cards in the suite with a wedding website. Likewise, you don’t need a lot of stationery at your wedding either. For example, you can have one menu at each table and one wedding program for each group of guests.

·       Be creative with your place cards. To use even less paper for the Big Day, think of some creative place card alternatives. From stamped rocks to apples or champagne flutes, there’s a myriad of choices you have – so pick the one that suits your wedding style the most and go with it!



Photo source: zakwitni