Unique Wedding Menu Ideas

Novel reception menus

Novel reception menus

Your guests will be there for you on a very important day of your life – the day you tie the knot and begin your life as a married couple. Naturally, you want them to be fully pleased with everything at your wedding – and your food is not even by far the least important when it comes to making sure every single guest is really happy.

What are some of the most unique wedding menu ideas? How to make your wedding food unforgettable from all points of view? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you, so read on to find out more!

·       DIY food bar. A DIY salad bar, a DIY mac and cheese bar or a DIY taco bar can be more than “just food”. It can transform eating in a truly entertaining experience for your guests. They will have tons of fun “crafting” the perfect salad or the most hearty and delicious serving of mac and cheese, with their favorite toppings!

·       Carnival treats…with a fancy twist. Whoever said cotton candy or popcorn aren’t suitable for a wedding? Even if you plan on having a very elegant event, you can still incorporate them into your Big Day! It all lies in how you decorate the space around them and in the small details – such having stylish sticks for the cotton candy or personalized boxes for the popcorn servings.

·       Chef station. Want to make your wedding menu to be really spectacular? Bring in a true chef and arrange a station for him/her. Your guests will get to see how their special dishes are prepared – and everything will be infused with a unique ambiance everyone will truly appreciate.



Photo source: flickr.com/ opacit