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Be unique with your wedding entertainment

Be unique with your wedding entertainment

As the bride and groom, you want nothing more than to have a truly unforgettable wedding – and entertainment is absolutely fundamental when it comes to this. How to be unique with your wedding entertainment, though? How to truly surprise your guests with something amazingly special? We have some wonderful and inspiring ideas for you – so read on, and find out more.

·      Hire a performer. A magician, a dancer, someone who can juggle with fire or even an actor dressed as your favorite character – they can all be introduced into a wedding day schedule and they will be a huge success among guests regardless of their age.

·      Rent food trucks. Tired of the good, ole-fashioned buffet, family-style or seated dinner? Well, the good news is that you can get really creative about it. For example, you could make everyone feel as if they had been ordering take-out by bringing in different food trucks with different dishes. Your guests will definitely love the idea!

·      Serve them great drinks. From the cocktails you serve during the cocktail hour to the champagne you open to celebrate this great event in your life. People love enjoying a good drinks and this is one of the easiest ways to entertain your guests.

·      Organize a fireworks show. Plan a fireworks show for you and your guests and make a grand exit on this fairy-tale-worthy background. Everyone loves colorful fireworks – and your guests will surely make absolutely no exception from the rule, right?


Photo source:  chezshai