Create an exciting bar for your big day

Signature drinks for your wedding

Signature drinks for your wedding

Your wedding is a very special moment in your life – and while you do want to celebrate your love and seize the magic of the Big Day, you also want to make sure your wedding guests are equally happy with everything at your event.

How to create a bar that will get everyone excited? We have some wonderful ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Sangria bar. Delicious and just a tad exotic, sangria is the kind of drink that will surely excite people at your wedding. Throw in the basic ingredients for a tasty glass of sangria (wine, fruit, etc.) and allow your guests to make their own mixes, according to their taste. They will love the idea!

·       Rootbeer float bar. Planning to serve something non-alcoholic for the drivers and children at your wedding? They will be more than happy with a bar that provides them with ingredients for rootbeer float! This is the kind of unique idea they will always associate with your wedding – so it’s more than worth investing in it! After all, this is indulgence at its finest, so it is guaranteed to attract guests of all backgrounds and ages.

·       Pancake bar. That’s right, your bar doesn’t have to be about drinks only. You can create a DIY station with mouthwatering treats as well. For a pancake bar, provide guests with perfectly well-made pancakes and plenty of toppings they can choose from. Both the kids and the adults will love playing around to create the ultimate delicious pancake serving!


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