Wedding Photography that Fits with You

Your wedding photos need to tell about you two

Your wedding photos need to tell about you two

Your wedding photography should reflect you as a couple

Wedding photography goes beyond just mere images. It tells a story – that of your love and that of how you decided to commit to each other. It captures your very souls in one of the most fragile, emotional and unforgettable days of your life. Naturally, it should do this in a style that really reflects you as a couple.

How do you choose a photography style for your wedding album, though? We have some tips to help you understand the basic differences between some of the most important wedding photo styles – so read on and find out more.

·       Traditional. These photos are perfect for couples who don’t want to step beyond the norms of traditions. Most of the times, the pictures are very well-planned and they follow a clear, “directed” poses – such as the bridal portrait, the parents’ picture and the attendants’ photos, for example.

·       Editorial. This type of photography looks very much like a fashion editorial. The poses are unique, but they are still quite planned and the focus falls on being glamorous, over the top and artistic at the same time.

·       Photojournalistic. Probably one of the rawest wedding photography styles, the photojournalistic pictures are all about the “off-the-stage” moments. The bursts of laughter, the natural fall of the tears, the small accidents that happen on the Big Day – photojournalism captures them in a very pure, but still very artistic “tone”.

·       Dark and modern. This is one of the most recent newcomers in the world of wedding photography. Although gloomy at a first sight, this style captures wedding moments in a very sincere and beautiful way. The colors may be darker with this approach, but the perspectives are always amazingly unique and hauntingly gorgeous!