Low wedding centerpieces, a gorgeous option

Wedding centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces

We all know wedding trends are in a continuous change – and while there’s no one to say you’re not allowed to use something that’s “gone out of fashion”, the truth is that looking at the new trends can freshen up your creativity and help you create a more unique, unforgettable wedding.

For example, low wedding centerpieces are a gorgeous option right now and we definitely advise you to look into it. Here are some of the most beautiful and inspiring ideas connected to low wedding centerpieces:

·       Mismatched small vases with small wildflowers in them. If you want to be really unique with your wedding centerpieces, this is a truly awesome idea. Collect small vases in the same color, but in different shapes and textures, then fill them with one-two stems of wildflowers. Such a delicate, but truly original idea!

·       Succulents runners and white candles. Succulents have been more than popular with brides and grooms – so if you want a fresh, unique and natural idea for your Big Day, consider these raw beauties! Create runners or clusters of succulents and place bulky white candles here and there for a rustic-chic décor everyone will absolutely love.

·       Classic peonies and/or roses. Short box-shaped vases can work marvelously well with the most popular wedding flowers of all time – such as peonies and roses, for example. But if you want to make this a bit more unique (without losing its “timeless elegance” quality), you can create wreaths with classic blooms and greenery and place them around antique-looking hurricane lamps. Both ideas are so gorgeous!