Add Style to your Wedding

Top tips to styling your wedding

As a bride, you definitely want your wedding to be stylish and unique – and thankfully, the wedding trends out there provide us all with plenty of inspiration. What are the latest ideas? What are the top tips to styling your wedding? Read on and find out more.

Add a dash of stylish black. Many people believe black is not suitable for a wedding – but if you want to keep it elegant and sophisticated, this is a truly perfect color to include in the Big Day. Combine it with white and pops of brighter colors or pastels and it will look amazing.

·       New nautical style. If you thought the nautical style is long gone, you were very wrong. In fact, it’s coming back in full force, and with a new “face”. The new, preppy-chic, urbanized nautical style is perfect for a modern couple who wants to have a very unique wedding day.

·       Beyond the classic sweets. Want to amaze your guests with very special sweet treats? The freshest wedding trends will offer so much inspiration when it comes to this! From exquisitely-flavored fairy floss to ice cream macarons, you have a lot of amazing options to choose from.

·       Blossoming flowers. This year, wedding flowers are wildly sprouting here and there, adding a touch of gorgeous, natural “disorder”. Let your imagination roam free when it comes to your florals and you will achieve a superb effect – you will create a welcoming, natural and warm décor for your wedding day. 


Photo source: Bellafaye Garden