Honor loved ones within your big day

Bringing honor to your loved ones

Bringing honor to your loved ones

Your big day is all about love – all about people who love each other, commitment, hope, beauty and emotion. Of course you want everyone you like and appreciate to be there for you on such a hugely important, life-changing moment!

How to honor your loved ones within your big day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Wear heirloom jewelry or accessories. If you have a nice pair of earrings from your grandma, or if your grandpa gave you an amazing pair of cufflinks, feel free to wear them on your wedding day. Not only will you add a very unique, personal touch to your entire wedding attire, but you will also honor your long lost loved ones as well.

·       Create a special photo collage. Sometimes, pictures speak more than a million words – so including a collage of pictures with your loved ones can really make the entire wedding more sentimental, more beautiful and warmer as well.

·       Save them a seat. Even if your loved ones are gone, it doesn’t mean you cannot save them a seat at your wedding. This is an emotional and beautiful way of showing just how important it would have been for you to see this person there, on your wedding day.

·       Add them to the wedding program. A simple tribute in the program can go a long while and remind everyone just how much you care about them.



Photo Source: Flickr.com/ jakrapon