Your wedding photographer does not need a shot list

Great wedding photography

Great wedding photography

It is more than easy to get swept away by all the pretty trends you constantly pin on your Pinterest wedding board. It is easy to be bewitched by what other people have done at their weddings. And it can be even easier to become super-controlling over every aspect of your Big Day.

While that is perfectly understandable and expectable in many situations, it shouldn’t be so with your wedding photographer. Despite what some may believe, your wedding photographer does not actually need a shot list – and here are the main reasons why:

·       It kills all creativity. You are spending quite a lot of money to work with a genuinely professional photographer – so why not reap all the benefits that come with it? By giving your photographer a shot list, he will be confined to those particular poses – and this kind of rigor is how creativity dies. Let your photographer do his job! Let him follow you around and capture genuine, candid moments! He will love nothing more than doing this!

·       Planned photos look stiff and take time. Bringing all the people together, arranging them in the “right positions”, smiling for the camera – they don’t usually look great in pictures. Unless you are all professional models, you will find it unnatural and odd to pose in very specific stances – and this will transpire in the photos as well.

·       Last, but not least, your planned photos will not seem like “you”. Imitating other people’s poses will take away from your own uniqueness as a couple – and that’s not one of the elements you want to “misplace” in your wedding album!

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