Wedding Tips to Save your Sanity

remember to relax and ask for help

remember to relax and ask for help

We all know just how terribly exhausting wedding planning can be. And we all know how much stress and anxiety it can generate too. How to make sure you save your wedding (and your very own sanity)? We have gathered some tips to help you on this – so read on and find out more.

·       You will break down. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, regardless of how large or small their wedding may be, how formal or informal the entire event may be and how much money they might be able to afford spending on the Big Day. It’s natural and it’s OK – just embrace the chaos, deal with the moment and move on.

·       Allow your friends and family to help. BUT make sure you do this on your own terms – otherwise, you might end up with a lot more stress to handle and that’s the very last thing you want from the entire wedding planning process. Ask your family and friends for help and remember to be candid, but thorough and clear in your explanations as to why you want or don’t want something at your wedding. No matter how much they would like you to do something, they will understand that this is your Big Day.

·       The day after the wedding may feel sad, but, same as with the pre-wedding anxiety, you should just embrace it as it is. You won’t feel sad because you have just gotten married and you will not feel sad because anything went wrong. You will feel sad that you have worked hard for this day and now it’s just a memory. Again, it’s natural to feel this way – just embrace your new status and take these wonderful moments with you in your married life!


Photo source: bruce.bentle