Themes for your Wedding

What about stripes for your wedding?

What about stripes for your wedding?

Stripes are really fun and they can add a dash of playfulness and stylishness everywhere they are incorporated. But how can they be incorporated in a wedding? Are stripes elegant enough for such a big event in someone’s life?

Yes, they are – and following, we have gathered some inspiring ideas to help you incorporate beautiful stripes into an even more beautiful wedding too. Read on and find out more.

·       Stripes on the invitations. It all starts with the wedding invitations – so let your guests know from the very beginning what they can expect from your big day. Create beautiful striped invitation designs and they will be more than appreciated!  

·       Stripes on the cake. Vertical or horizontal, stripes will feel “at home” on your wedding cake. You can add stripes as wrapping around each cake tier, you can add stripes just to one or two tiers of the cake or you can make the entire cake in a vertical-striped design with a good dose of “funky” in it.

·       Stripes on the bridesmaids. Want to make sure your bridesmaids’ dresses fit into the rest of the décor? Striped dresses are an excellent, stylish idea! We suggest designs that come with striped, long skirts and very simple tops, but you can try just about anything else.

·       Stripes on the bouquet. Sure, flowers may not come in natural striped patterns. However, your bouquet wrap can be beautifully incorporated into the wedding theme too! It will look so stylish and unique!



Photo source: bradleypjohnson