What to do after you buy your wedding dress

Buying your wedding gown is a significant milestone in your wedding planning process. With this, one of your biggest wedding planning decisions is made!

You may have found your dream dress after days of research, calculations and shopping. However, there are few things left to do after you buy your wedding dress, to complete the process. Let us find out what they are.

Book dress fitting sessions
It is highly unlikely that the dress you buy will be a perfect fit. 90% of brides need alterations so their wedding dress fits them correctly. So, soon after you place the order for your wedding dress, f1ind an experienced seamstress who can do your dress alterations. If the boutique where you bought the dress doesn't offer this service, they may still be able to recommend someone for the job. Remember that wedding gowns are complex garments and not like regular dresses. So, have your alterations handled by a professional seamstress who has experience working with wedding dresses. You will typically need three to four dress fitting appointments. Find out when your dress will be ready for collection at the boutique, and book your fitting sessions accordingly.

Shop for shoes
You will need your wedding shoes for your dress fittings. Your tailor will adjust the hemline of the dress according to the height of the heels you plan to wear. So, begin your search for the perfect footwear soon after your wedding dress shopping. You can use a swatch of fabric from your wedding dress to find shoes in the exact same shade. Handmade designs and custom created shoes take longer to be ready. So, it is best to place your order as early as possible.

Choose your jewelry and accessories
You will need more than just your wedding dress to complete your wedding day look. Wedding jewelry that complements the features of your bridal gown, and accessories that add the finishing touches to your bridal look are must-haves. Once you choose your wedding dress, explore options in jewelry and find ones that will enhance your overall look. Also take a look at veils, tiaras and head pieces that will fully transform you into the bride you want to be.

Research bridesmaid dress options
Bridesmaids dresses can be in any color, length and design. However, these dresses should go well with the brial gown, so they fit the theme. Your bridesmaids dresses do not have to closely resemble the bridal dress, but they should complement it for a cohesive look. Once you have picked your wedding gown, begin looking at available options and shortlist ones that will work at your wedding. Enlist the help of your bridesmaids if needed, but begin planning their outfits soon after you decide on your own.