Unique Engagement Party Tips

make your engagement party special

make your engagement party special

Your engagement party is the first pre-wedding event, so you definitely want to start the entire process on the right foot and you want to make sure everything about this party is perfect. What are some of the most important things to keep in mind when planning your engagement party? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more:

·       Delicious champagne cocktails. Want to surprise your guests with something really special? Serve them champagne-based cocktails. Somewhere in between very festive and rather casual, these cocktails will be more than appreciated by your engagement party guests.

·       Engagement cake. Because every good party serves cake, your engagement cake should be memorable from all points of view. We suggest you create a simple cake covered in metallic-colored frosting (buttercream or marzipan). It will look stunningly elegant and it will definitely impress everyone at your engagement party.

·       Gem-shaped sweet treats. If you want to show your guests just how much their presence means to you, give them some sweet treats in the shape of gemstones. After all, your own gemstone is a big part of the entire engagement party, so why wouldn’t your guests be delighted with an edible version of it?

·       Cheese and fruit. Organize a special table with cheese and fruit for your guests. This is a very classy and delicious idea, so we guarantee that every single guest will enjoy it.