An un-plugged wedding

Are you going to have one?

Are you going to have one?

Your wedding is one of the most amazing, emotional and unforgettable events of your entire life – so you are more than allowed to set your own “rules” (as long as they are within the boundaries of common sense, of course).

For example, many couples choose to have an un-plugged wedding. What are some of the most important things to know about having this type of event, though? Read on to find out more.

·       Having an un-plugged wedding is a great option for a couple who wants to feel truly in the present, to seize these very special moments and to genuinely celebrate with the people they are close to. Unfortunately, our smartphones can sometimes be a bit of distraction in this sense – and they can also stand in the way of your professional photographer too.

·       At the same time, you should definitely know that there are a lot of couples who embrace technology at their wedding too. Even more, they create hashtags that guests can use when sharing photos of their wedding online. The advantage? You can actually pull all the smartphone photos together in one place, under your hashtag (and you can also see them long before your photographer’s come out).

·       If you want to have a bit of both options, you can always choose to settle on an un-plugged wedding ceremony (since this is going to be the most emotional part of the wedding) and a “technologized” wedding reception.



Photo source: regan7