Personalized Boutonnieres

Allow your Groom ad his Groomsmen to stand out with special boutonnieres

Allow your Groom ad his Groomsmen to stand out with special boutonnieres

Everything about your wedding should be personal and unique. In the end, you, your future spouse and your love story itself are absolutely special – so your wedding should reflect that as much as possible.

How to add originality, creativity and personality into your wedding day boutonnieres? We have some great ideas – so read on and find out more.

·       Vintage timing. If you are planning a vintage wedding, or if your groom is simply passionate about antiques and vintage items, you can definitely bring this into his boutonnieres. Clocks imitating the antiqued look, antique keys, as well as other dear objects can be gorgeously incorporated even into a floral wedding boutonniere (but they can look really amazing without flowers too).

·       Playful hints. Lego toys are a really great choice regardless of how young or old you may be. Associated with smart playfulness and pop culture, Lego can also be a beautiful part of your guy’s boutonniere. For example, using cute Lego figurines will add a dash of personality to a pretty boutonniere, making your groom and his groomsmen feel a lot more special.

·       Beach touches. Planning a beach wedding? Create stylish and original boutonnieres for the guys by bringing together your wedding flowers and some good-looking brooches shaped as beach-inspired items (seashells, starfish, crabs, and so on). Keep the brooch behind the floral boutonniere to make things look more fashionable.


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