Wedding Gown Undergarments

Choose the appropriate undergarments for your wedding dress

Choose the appropriate undergarments for your wedding dress

Your wedding dress is obviously crucial for the way you will feel on your Big Day. And while all the other accessories can definitely make a huge difference as well, it is highly important to remember that your undergarments may be a lot more essential than you give them credit for.

How to choose the perfect undergarments for your wedding dress? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

·       Strapless. Although this is a very popular design, not many women know that they have more than one option when it comes to strapless wedding dress undergarments. If you are not very large in the upper part, your seamstress can sew some support inside the dress. However, if you are more endowed on your upper body area, you should make sure to find a strapless bra that provides you with plenty of support. Last, but not least, wearing a corset can also be a very good choice.

·       Plunging necklines (and backless dresses). For this type of gown, the key is to find undergarments that do not show in the “key” areas. In general, adhesive bras can do the trick – but if you are larger in the upper part, you can ask your seamstress to sew in some cups. Also, wearing a plunging bodysuit can be a very good choice for a gown with plunging neckline.

·       Mermaid and trumpet. The trickiest part about these gowns is that they are very tight, so you will have to be sure your undergarments are not noticeable from underneath the dress. Wearing shapewear undergarments can solve the problem very well – but it is important to invest in something of a very high quality, so that it looks flawless when you wear it under the gown!



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