Outdoor Weddings Running Smoothly

Outdoor weddings are especially popular during the hot season, but the absolute truth is that they can actually be quite demanding if you want everything to run smoothly. With a little attention to detail and a well-thought plan, though, your outdoor wedding can turn into a truly memorable event – so all the effort will be more than worth it!

What are some of the most important things to consider for a smooth outdoor wedding? Read on and find out more.

·       First of all, make people feel comfortable. Offer cushions for the chairs, blankets if you think it might get chilly, personalized sunglasses as wedding favors, wedding programs that double as fans, and other items that make your guests’ life better and comfier during the ceremony (and the reception, in case you plan on having it on the outdoors too).

·       Furthermore, remind everyone that high heels may not be a great choice. With so much grass surrounding you, heels can be a true accident-hazard, so tell people to avoid them altogether. If your bridesmaids have to wear heels, though, make sure you provide them with cement blocks to stand on while at the altar with you.

·       Create a backup plan. It doesn’t matter how much you think of it or how many details you have considered – you really cannot plan weather. So, create a backup plan in case the weather decides not to be on your side (e.g. a wedding tent, an indoor location, and so on). Even if nothing happens, you will still be much less stressed out about the eventuality of a rainfall.

Photo source: flickr.com/毛荳爸