Entertain the kids at your wedding!

Every single guest at your wedding is very important to you. After all, these are all people who have chosen to spend their time and money celebrating your Big Day – so it’s only normal that you want all of them to feel excellent while at your wedding.

What do you do if you have invited children at your wedding, though? How to you keep them away from trouble and fully entertained too? Read here and find out more.

·       Plan a special space, just for them. It will make the little ones feel extremely special and it will allow them to have fun without feeling too inhibited by the large number of strangers at your Big Day. Furthermore, it can be an easy “escape” plan for your wedding décor too, as planning a special area for the youngest guests can be beautifully incorporated in the overall décor, theme and vibe of Big Day.

·       Offer plenty of options. Different children like different things – so if you are not very close to the kids at your wedding, and don’t know exactly what they enjoy doing, provide them with multiple options. From board games to non-stainable art supplies, masks, costumes and even single-use cameras, there’s a myriad of activities children will definitely enjoy!

·       Hire a professional. Want to make sure the little ones are safe? Hire a sitter to keep an eye on them. Also, if you want to spice up the kids’ entertainment, you can hire a special entertainer just for them (such as a magician, for example).



Photo source: flickr.com/ aurostar73