Your Wedding Guest Book

Guest book for your wedding

Guest book for your wedding

These trends will help you create the perfect wedding guest book

Your wedding should be unique and personal. It should reflect your beliefs and who you are as a couple – and it should do it every step of the way. From the moment your guests enter the ceremony to the moment you bid your grand farewell, every single second and inch of the wedding should be all about you.

Your guest book will never make an exception from this rule. What are the best trends to create a beautiful, attractive and really inviting wedding guest book, though? Read on to find out more.

·       Traditional with a twist. You don’t have to search for long to find a guest book design that suits you very well, especially if you plan on having a more elegant, traditional wedding. For example, you could have a traditional guest book dressed up in a pretty color and with a cute design or message on it. Or, even better, you could keep it traditional with the guest book itself, but ask people to share date night ideas instead of simply signing the book.

·       Do It Yourself. Want to add a very personal touch to your guest book? Create something that’s completely unique – such as heart-shaped cards people can sign and leave in a special bowl or pin/stick on a beautiful panel. This will definitely make things more special!

·       The fun option. Another big trend is to have a photo booth at your wedding and ask guests to sign their pictures. Collect these photos in a special album or on a collage to keep it as a souvenir from the most amazing day of your entire life!


Photo source: Judit