Choose Your Wedding Gown to Represent the Season

Wedding Dress selection

Wedding Dress selection

Create your wedding dress to represent your wedding season

As a bride to be, you want to be nothing less than breath-taking and gorgeous on your wedding day – and given the uniqueness of the moment and its importance, it’s perfectly normal to feel this way.

Of course, you will want to choose a wedding dress that suits your style, personality, and wedding in general. But have you considered the season outside too? If not, here are some tips to help you coordinate your beautiful wedding gown with your wedding season:

·       If you are a fall bride, choose a warm-colored wedding gown to suit the landscape outside. For instance, a champagne or a cream-colored dress will look stunning on you! Likewise, longer sleeves and thicker, more detailed bodices work wonderfully well with this season too!

·       If you are a winter bride, settle on a dress that speaks about lushness and opulence. For example, a satin or silk dress with silver touches and a fur cape will make you feel more than glamorous – and more than appropriate for the season too!

·       If you are a spring bride, borrow from your wedding’s season good vibes and bring them into your dress. A fluttery A-line gown made with an intricate bodice and a very simple veil or organza skirt will be a more than stunning option. Furthermore, if you want to be unconventional, you can always settle for a floral patterned dress too!

·       If you are a summer bride, focus on feeling comfortable during the big day. For example, you could choose a dress made with lace, veil or any other thin fabric combinations. Also, remember that you can always settle on a short, mid-length or cascade wedding gown too!

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