Create your wedding to stand out

Unique weddings

Unique weddings

In the way we talk, walk, think, and look, we are all unique and unrepeatable. But even more than anything, our stories are unique – and your romance makes no exception from the rule. Thus, it is only natural to want your wedding to be just as special as you, your loved one and your love story are, right?

How to create a wedding that truly stands out? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Sparklers for the First Dance. We bet you’ve seen plenty of wedding exits accompanied by sparklers – but have you ever thought of using these little magic “tricks” for the First Dance? They can create an utterly romantic and elegant atmosphere for such a nice, unforgettable moment – so you should definitely give them a thought.

·       Moss topiaries. Greenery has been more than trendy this year, and many brides even decided to skip the blooms in favor of the green beauties. If you want your wedding centerpieces to stand out in stylishness and uniqueness, skip the flowers too – replace them with original-looking moss topiaries instead. They will look so amazing on your wedding tables, especially if you plan on having an outdoor event!

·       Cheese wheel cake. Sure, we all love cake – but what if you replaced the all-too-traditional tiered wedding cake with cheese wheels? We all love cheese too – and if you provide your guests with a delicious assortment of cheeses, some fruit, and some nuts, they will definitely love the idea!

Photo source: WordRidde