Farm-to-table wedding

Represent a farm-to-table wedding

Represent a farm-to-table wedding

Without any trace of doubt, farm and rustic weddings have been extremely popular over the past few years – and you really do have a ton of reasons to love them. Casual, versatile, beautiful, easy to personalize, and definitely unique, these weddings are taking over the world in grand style.

Want a farm-inspired wedding too? Here’s how to decorate your wedding tables in a truly amazing way:

·       Opt for long, rectangular, wooden tables. They are perfect for couples who want to serve “family dinners” to their guests, and they will complement the theme as well. The color of the tables can be dark or light, but keep in mind that it will influence the overall appeal – dark wood tends to be more serious and more “mountainside-like”, while lighter wood is a bit more energizing, casual, and suitable for more locations.

·       Furthermore, your tables may or may not be covered in linens – but, in general, a table runner will be important (especially if you choose to leave the tables “naked”). Pay attention to the way in which you choose your table runners, because they will influence the overall “look”: dark colors are more elegant, bright colors are more youthful, pastels and white are more delicate, and glamorous/patterned runners are more stylish and modern.

·       Of course, the flowers will have a huge influence as well. Generally speaking, low and medium-height vases look best with countryside weddings. In terms of the blooms themselves, you have complete freedom of creativity: classic roses and peonies, arrangements made entirely out of greenery, luxuriant calla lilies and/or orchids – the options are limitless.

Photo source: johnjones