Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake for Your Theme

your wedding cake

your wedding cake

Your wedding cake is one of those magical pieces that blend into the wedding theme and make it pop with elegance and beauty. Of course, you want this very special dessert to be gorgeously coordinated with the theme it complements – but how do you do that?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.

·       Farm wedding theme. These wedding themes are highly popular these days – and for good reasons too. They’re casual, cozy, and they allow for plenty of creativity for brides and grooms. The ideal cake for this type of wedding is, of course, a naked cake. Popular and delicious, they’re extremely versatile and can be made with fresh, local ingredients that will add a true dash of uniqueness to your entire wedding.

·       Boho-chic wedding theme. Somewhere in between an elegant wedding and a very hippy one, boho-chic events are still highly popular these days. Plan yours with grace and creativity and complement everything with a classic white buttercream cake decorated with greenery. It will look so special and delicious!

·       Golden Fall wedding theme. There’s nothing more romantic than a well-planned Fall wedding – and brides who know this will definitely want to pay attention to all details. How about a white cake dripping with golden frosting and decorated with fresh or marzipan flowers inspired by the season? This goes beyond the already-classic cake decorated with fallen leaves, but it still keeps the design within the beauties of the season, making it a truly amazing choice for just about every Fall bride!