Don’t Forget to Create the Perfect Escort Cards for Fall!

Design elements for fall weddings

Design elements for fall weddings

New Mexico weddings are a true delight regardless of the season outside. Of course, summer is usually the most popular wedding season – but many would be a lot happier to have a fall or winter wedding precisely because these events have their own harm as well.

If you have decided to plan an autumn wedding, be sure you think of all the details that will make your experience (and that of your guests) as pleasant as possible. For example, creating escort cards if you want to avoid chaos at the beginning of the reception – but that doesn’t mean these cards can only be useful!

On the contrary, actually. Your escort cards can and should be coordinated with the wedding theme. Here are some of the very best ideas of the year, to help you plan a truly gorgeous Big Day.

·       Fresh wheat. Planning a wedding at the beginning of Fall? Fresh wheat is such a gorgeous addition to your wedding! Not only does it look very pretty as a representative of the marvelous season, but the color of fresh wheat is ideal if you want to add a dash of just a bit of energy and innocence to your wedding décor.

·       Mini pumpkins. Who doesn’t love pumpkins during fall? Take a bunch of them and leave them natural or spray paint them with a coat of silver or golden paint – they will look absolutely adorable anyway. People will love them so much they might even take them home!

·       Acorns. Planning a wedding infused in the rustic-chic aesthetic? Acorns are a perfect addition to your escort cards. Of course, this depends on the overall design of your wedding too, but in general, acorns tend to be quite versatile when it comes to shopping