Stay Cozy and Warm as a Winter Bride!

Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

There’s nothing like a bride’s outfit! The way she dreams it up, the way she shops for it, the way she pulls everything together for the perfect bridal look – every single step of finding the right wedding attire is a really magical moment.

Remember, though – just because you are a bride, it doesn’t mean you have to freeze in the low temperatures of December, January and February. For instance, if you are against animal cruelty, you will find a lot of amazing pieces to compliment your wedding look. Here are some of the most stylish examples and ideas:

·       White faux fur cape or capelet. Looking for a chic way of making sure you won’t be freezing as you walk down the aisle? Capes and capelets are more than in these days, so you can totally opt for one. For instance, a white capelet will look absolutely fabulous if you wear it with a nude-colored or blush pink wedding gown!

·       Full faux fur jacket. Want to look classy and timeless at the same time? There’s nothing more elegant than a (faux) fur jacket, then! On white or on any other color, a fur jacket will add prestige and beauty to your wedding look!

·       Faux fur wrap. For brides who want to make a real fashion statement, fur wraps (and especially the oversized ones!) are a really amazing option. Opulent and generous, these fur wraps add such style and elegance to just about any type of wedding gown!



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